Game Preview: Oak Grove at Leigh

This game is for the Mount Hamilton League lead between the #1 and #2 teams in the Central Coast Section. Oak Grove is ranked #3 in the Section and Leigh is ranked #10.

Oak Grove Eagles (San Jose, CA), Mount Hamilton League #2 @ Leigh Longhorns (San Jose, CA), Mount Hamilton League #1

Kickoff: October 13, 2006 7:00 PM

Head Coaches:

Oak Grove: Ed Buller

Leigh: Shawn Thomas


Oak Grove is currently 4-0-1 having played St. Francis (Mountain View, CA) T 14-14.  Gilroy (CA) W 49-0, Palo Alto (CA) W 35-14 including league games with Branham (San Jose, CA) W 52-17 and Lincoln (San Jose, CA) W 30-13.  Oak Grove has 174 runs for 1139 yards (6.55 avg.) 19 TD's & 39 pass completions in 73 attempts (53.4%) for 565 yards (a respectable 7.7 yards per throw) 5 Int's 3 TD's.  This is a run team that can score from distance on the ground.  Their Defense gives up an excellent low of 11.6 points per game with 10 Int's, while their offense is scoring 36 points per game.  This is a very tough team to play because they can run the ball well, eat the clock and play stingy defense.  But they also have the ability to rise up and make the first down throws to give the ball back to that running game.


By comparison, last year Oak Grove was 9-3 and in the State Playoffs played Woodside (CA) W 30-13, Piedmont Hills (San Jose, CA) W 41-14, San Benito (Hollister, CA) L 21-27.  They ran 415 times and threw 183, so they were a run team last year and have maintained that personality.  Their Defense gave up a very good 13 points per game last year. 


These two teams played last year with Oak Grove winning 48-13.  Oak Grove had 30 runs for 330 yards & 6 completions in 9 attempts for 55 yards 1TD.  Oak Grove still maintained the same run personality in this game last year.  Stats were not available for Leigh for last year game.


Leigh is Currently 5-0 having played San Mateo (CA) W 33-7 Prospect (Saratoga, CA) W 33-0, Capuchino (San Bruno, CA) W 41-14 and league games with Pioneer (San Jose, CA) W 28-23 and Live Oak (Morgan Hill, CA) W 34-8.  Leigh has 165 runs for 1288 yards (7.81 avg.) 12 TD's & 48 completions in 91 attempts (52.7%) for 878 yards (an excellent 9.6 yards per throw) 3 Int's 12 TD's.   This team leans toward the run but clearly hurts you with the pass.  Their Defense give up an Outstanding 10.4 points per game (with 16 total Sacks), while their offense scores 33.8.  What a scary team to play, but an exciting team to watch.  If you stop the run and they throw.  If you stop the throw they run. 


Here is the contrast last year they were 2-8 and gave up 32.5 points per game.  This has to be classified as one of the best turnarounds this season.  These coaches worked hard over the off season.


Playmakers to Watch:

Oak Grove

  • 6'2" 175 two year playmaker Senior QB, Kevin Vye has 39 completions in 73 attempts (53.4%) for 565 yards 5 Int's 3 TD's.  Last year Kevin had 96 completions in 181 attempts (53%) for 1344 yards 9 Int's 13 TD's.
  • 5'7" 175 two year multi talented Junior RB Nevin Gardiner is the #1 Rusher with 85 carries for 718 yards (8.45 avg.) 11 TD's & is the #3 Receiver with 3 catches for 63 yards (21.0 avg.).  Last year Nevin had 51 carries for 304 yards (5.96 avg.) 5 TD's. 
  • 5'8" 170 two way multi talented Junior RB Stacy Long is the #2 Rusher with 49 carries for 398 yards (8.1 avg.) 6 TD's & is the #2 Receiver with 8 catches for 86 yards (10.75 avg.) 2TD's.  Defensively he averages 5.4 tackles per game.
  • 5'10" 160 Senior WR Larry Lacotti is the #1 Receiver with 22 catches for 319 yards (14.5 avg.) 1 TD,


Defensive Playmakers

  • 5'7" 160 two year playmaker Junior SS, Mike Estrada is the #1 tackler averaging 9.4 per game.  Last year Mike was the #3 tackler with 69 tackles
  • 6'2" 175 Sophomore FS Jabari Carr is the #2 tackler averaging 7.8 per game & #1 threat against the pass with 7 Int's
  • 6'2" 215 Senior LB Michael Johns is the #3 tackler averaging 6.6
  • 6'3" 235 Senior DL Nick Loredo averages 6.3 tackles per game
  • 6'0" 170 Junior SS Danny Ochoa is averaging 5.6
  • 6'0" 245 Senior LB Niko Iosefa averages 5.2 tackles per game


The Offensive Line is young, moderate in size and is lead by:

  • 6'5" 295 Junior Jerome Simon
  • 6'4" 265 Junior Aaron Huck



  • 6'2" 185 Senior QB Doug Webster has 46 completions in 88 attempts (52.3%) for 857 yards 2 Int's 11 TD's and is the #2 Rusher with 28 carries for 333 yards (11.89 avg.) 2 TD's.
  • 5'9" 175 multi talented, two way playmaker Senior RB, Daniel Franke is the #1 Rusher with 54 carries for 540 yards (10.0 avg.) 4 TD's.  Daniel is also the #2 Receiver with 12 catches for 187 yards (15.58 avg.) 3 TD's.  Franke also leads the defense with 7 tackles per game & 3 Sacks
  • 6'3" 245 two way playmaker, Senior RB/LB Dylan August is the #3 Rusher with 49 carries for 238 yards (4.86 avg.) 5 TD's.  Defensively he has 2 Sacks
  • 6'1" 195 Senior WR/DB Chris Balcom-miller is the #1 Receiver with 16 catches for 414 yards (25.88 avg.) 6 TD's.  Chris also has an Int.
  • 6'1" 190 two way playmaker Senior TE/LB Ryan Souza is the #3 Receiver with 8 catches for 89 yards (11.1 avg.) 2 TD's.  Ryan also is averaging 6 tackles per game and has 2 total Sacks.  He has these numbers having only played the last two games.


Defensively Playmakers also include

  • 5'10" 170 Senior DB Greg Loper averages 4.8 tackles per game & an Int.
  • 6'1" 230 Senior OL/DL Eric Lutz averages 4.8 tackles per game


The Offensive Line is lead by two very large linemen:

  • 6'0" 300 Senior Alex Collins
  • 6'3" 290 Senior Genesis Fiaavae


My Final Thoughts:  Oak Grove will come out running just like they did last year, except for this year they can also mix in the throw.  Defensively, they will attempt to make Leigh one dimensional and stop the run and let those DB's improve on those excellent 10 Int. take aways.  Leigh offensively will balance their attack but will throw the ball to get that lead. Then when Oak Grove throws, by necessity, Leigh will get after them with to increase those 16 Sacks.  You want to get out and see this game.




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