Fall Showcase Ends- Full Reports All Week

Top Prospect this weekend, Brandon Lavender. Some surprises and an impressive performance from a familiar name, currently an 8th grader. Demetrius Crowell (pictured) is headed to his first visit this weekend...

The Arizona Preps Fall Showcase concluded tonight with the feature All-Star game, the Upper Class Top 20. 


All this week the Cager Report will be breaking down the event with our overall Top 10 Players, the Division I Prospects, Top Players by Position, Top 2008 Prospects, Top 2007 Prospects, Top 2009-2010 Prospects and the Southern Arizona top players.


The Arizona Cager Report


Here are a few of my observations to kick off our coverage:

  • The best prospect, Brandon Lavender – 2008.  This kid can play.  Lavender, 6-4 Mesa, Mountain View High School, has the mental understanding of what he needs to do to make his team better.  Big time athlete, great basketball body and great ball skills.  More on him later this week.
  • Austin Smith, 6-8 2008 Tucson, Marana Mt. View High School, has developed his upper body and skill set to make him a legit LM-Mid Major prospect if he continues to work.  A surprise this week.
  • Stephen Topercer, 5-11  2011, Our Lady of the Perpetual Help. That's right an 8th grader.  Older brothers are players, including TJ who is at the Naval Academy, kicking off his NCAA Division I basketball career.  Little Topercer is a southpaw point guard who already understands the position, and has the athleticism and ball skills to start on many Varsity programs right now.
  • Ryan Sharkey, 6-8 2007 Tucson, Ironwood Ridge High School, has REALLY improved.  Bigger, stronger and more confident with the ball, he might become a legit LM prospect before years out.
  • Demetrius Crowell, 6-7 2007 Mesa, Mesa High School.  Has set his first visit this next weekend (Oct. 20-22) and is headed to Idaho.  Already a Vandal, older brother and Mesa high alum Michael Crowell.

More coming Monday in the Cager Report.


Fall Showcase/Arizona Prep Basketball pre-season schedule of reports:

  • Monday – Arizona NCAA Division I Prospects
  • Wednesday – Overall Top 20 Prospects
  • Friday – Southern Arizona Top Players
  • Monday – Oct. 23, Overall Top 20 Class of 2008
  • Wednesday – Oct. 25. Overall Top 20 2007
  • Friday – Oct. 27 Top 2009, 2010 Players.
  • Monday – October 30, Final Observations of Arizona Prep Basketball Pre-season.


 All reports will be in The Arizona Cager Report





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