McClintock Holiday Shootout Recap

Over the next 3 days we will be taking a look at the top players last week at the McClintock Holiday Shootout. Players will be listed by class. Today we look at the class of 2007. Carroll, Rivers, Jurich, Abbott, Knutson, Hambsch, Bardet plus a long list of others. Tomorrow we will have the Class of 2008.


Mickey McConnell, 6-0 PG Dobson High School

Solid PG headed to New Mexico.  McConnell has all the tools.  Throw in he can shoot it from beyond the arc, and the Lobo's have a good one headed their way!
MM Prospect


Nick Rivers, 5-11 PG Brophy College Prep

Rivers is an athletic guard with explosive quickness.  Can knock down the open jumper, but his strength is pushing the ball on the break.
Division II Prospect


Brad Carroll, 6-5 G Corona del Sol
We have always like Carroll.  Solid guard who will play the 2 at the next level.  Can handle the ball with both hands in traffic.  Is more of a catch and shoot player.  Plays the PG for CDS but won't at the next level.  Foot speed and lateral quick's will keep him back from the MM level, and slide over to the #2.

LM Prospect


Kelly Bardet, 5-11 PG Desert Mountain
Bardet runs the show for Desert Mountain.  Solid PG, who is a scorer more than shooter.  Great handle baseline to baseline. 

Division II Prospect


Steven Jurich, 6-5 F Desert Mountain
Jurich has been an unknown but is getting looks from some LM schools.  Played great last week and is not afraid to mix it up in traffic.  Has a nice touch from 16ft.  A southpaw (always a plus) who we think is still growing.  Don't know yet where he fits at the next level, but from his body type etc… prep school might be the ticket.  Similar to TJ Topercer (St. Mary's) who went that route and now starts for Navy!


Ty Abbott, 6-2 G Desert Vista High School

Has bulked up!  Abbott knows how to play.  New Mexico got a steal in our mind!  The perfect off guard body, long arms, athletic and quick.
MM Prospect-HM Follow


Kramer Knutson, 6-9 P Dobson High School
Another interesting prospect.  Has the size and mental toughness to play the #4.  Needs some polishing but the Mid Majors should be calling come April
MM Prospect


Alex English, 6-11 P Paradise Valley High School
Colgate bound.  Another steal at the LM level. 
MM Prospect


Lucas Hambsch, 6-0 PG Hamilton High School

The PG at Hamilton, Hambsch is the guy you want running the show surrounded by athletes.  Great court sense.  Never forces the action and always makes the right pass.  Can shoot it from 3 when needed.
Division II Prospect


Lloyd Hickinson, 6-5 W Hamilton High School
Big time athlete who has the prototype body for a wing.  Hickinson came off the bench and we don't know why.  With some polishing and experience at the Juco level, he should land a LM offer.



Others of note:

Phil Feinberg, 6-5 F Corona del Sol

Bryant St. Cyr, 5-9 PG Desert Vista High School

Zach Lowe, 6-7 P Hamilton High School

Alex Miller, 6-5 F Horizon High School

Nick Ghiz, 6-2 G Marcos de Niza

Darrin Cobb, 5-4 PG McClintock High School

Chris Bonham, 6-9 P Paradise Valley High School

Javon Jones, 6-5 W Paradise Valley High School

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