McClintock Holiday Shootout Part II

Our final report on the McClintock holiday Shootout last week. We take a look at the top players from the 2008-2009 class...


Michael Proctor, 6-8 F Desert Vista High School

Proctor reminds of a more athletic Kramer Knutson.  Bouncy legs and very active around the glass.  Development on the offensive end could land him at the MM-LM level.


Nic Witherill, 6-3 G Saguaro High School

Hard nosed and the mental toughness of a winner.  Witherill wants the ball in crunch time and makes things happen.  Great understanding of how to play the game.  Has improved his range to beyond the arc (with consistency) over the last year.  His strength has been and continues to be the mid-range game.

MM Prospect


Dominick Ruth, 5-9 PG Saguaro High School

The PG from Saguaro had a solid tournament.  Plays hard for 32 minutes a game. Good decisions on the break and lets the game come to him.  A 3pt.

threat which makes him hard to guard!


Jayson Shreve, 6-6 F Mountain Ridge High School

Shreve comes after you around the glass.  His style of play suggests a football player playing basketball.  He has bulked up over the last year.  Can shoot it from 15ft.

Division II Prospect


Matt Rhodes, 6-4 W Saguaro High School
Athletic wing who plays bigger than his 6-4 frame.  More inside type of player right now but will have to face the basket at the next level.  Can shoot it from beyond the arc, but attacking the glass is his strength.  Ball skill improvement will elevate his stock.

LM Follow



Others of note:

Barrett Robbins, 6-6 F Desert Vista High School

John Jackson, 6-2 G Hamilton High School

Waylen Towns, 5-10 PG Marcos de Niza High School

Elgin Caldwell, 6-0 G McClintock High School

KT Jackson, 6-5 P McClintock High School

Paul Bartels, 6-5 F Moon Valley High School

Brandon Gabbard, 6-5 F Mountain Ridge High School

Tyler Miller, 6-5 G Basha High School

Miller, has been considered one of the best pure shooters in the State, but his other skills are starting to show.  I hate the term high basketball IQ, after all, what the hell is that?  But Tyler understands how to play the game.  His decision making are second to none in the 2009 class.  Ball skill improvement, quicker release on his shot, and athleticism defensively will elevate him into the MM level.  Maybe higher with 2 years to develop. 

MM Prospect


Nick Markovich, 6-0 G Basha High School

Another solid prospect from Basha.  Markovich (right now) is an undersized 2 guard with above average ball skills.  Work on his weak hand dribble and learning the PG spot make him a solid MM prospect.  Can stroke it from 3 but really attacks the glass for a 6-0 guard.  A catch and shoot player!

LM Prospect – MM Follow


Marquez Valdez, 6-1 G Brophy College Prep

Valdez is an interesting player.  Good understanding of the game.  Can shoot it with consistency.  Needs upper body strength.  Game experience and maturity make him one to watch.  Plus a former Division I coach at Brophy (Tony Fuller) can't hurt!


Colin Borchert, F 6-9 F Mountain Ridge

Borchert is a very skilled young forward with the ability to play on the perimeter and with his back to the basket. Nice stroke to three and a very good feel in the post. Good feet and hands. He needs to get tougher with the ball.  He came off the bench?????????

MM Prospect – HM Follow


Others of Note:

Chris Johnson, 6-5 P Desert Vista High School

CJ Wright, 6-5 P Moon Valley High School

Johnathan Nelson, 6-5 F Saguaro High School






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