PUHSD Classic - Final Report

Jackson (Hamilton), Underwood (Alhambra), Gibson (Tucson), Edwards (Cesar Chavez), Bejarano and Lewis (North), Hampton (Camelback) plus many others are evaluated in our final PUHSD report from Phoenix last week...


John Jackson, 6-2 G Hamilton High School

Jackson was a favorite of ours at the McClintock Shootout in late December, and we have not wavered! Quick and athletic, he takes what is given to him on the court.  Can really see the floor and makes things happen.  Can stroke it beyond the arc. 

Juco bound for development


John Underwood, 6-8 P Alhambra High School

A long and slender post, Underwood has a somewhat narrow frame and he's not real strong yet. He does, however, have excellent instincts as a shot-blocker. He's very raw at the offensive end – hands need to improve – but he does cause problems inside at the defensive end of the floor. He's a project, but he moves fairly well and he'll certainly get some looks in the next couple years
Low Major Follow



Kelly Gibson, 6-0 PG Tucson High School

True PG, who is one of the top players in Southern Arizona.  Gibson runs the show at Tucson High.  He has a great sense of how to play the position.  Can shoot it but his strength is his ability to penetrate and dish.  Quickness and being able to read the defense make him a solid 2008 prospect.

Division II Prospect



Brian Hill, 6-3 G Tucson High School

Hill impressed us at the fall showcase in October.  He is an athletic guard who is more a scorer than shooter.  Development on his ball skills and shooting off the dribble make him an interesting prospect.  One to watch in the coming club season.



Kaylim Noel, 6-4 G Cesar Chavez High School

Another Cesar Chavez athlete.  He seemed to understand the game better than anybody else on their roster.  He plays hard for 32 minutes and stays focused off the ball.  Noel makes things happen around him.  A 2 year stint at the Juco level plus high level skill development makes him a potential LM prospect.


Lee Ames, 6-3 G Goldwater High School

Ames has nice size for a wing.  He seems a little uncomfortable in transition but he can score.  Nice job at the defensive end.  Intensity and game experience makes him a Juco "diamond in the rough".  But, with another year of work at Goldwater, he could land at a quality DII program.


Others of note:

Jeff James, 6-7 P Alhambra High School

Jamaal West, 6-1 G Camelback High School

Brandon Byrd, 6-3 F Maryvale High School

Eric House, 6-4 F Tucson High School


Marques Edwards, 6-6 F Cesar Chavez High School

I had a coach offer this about Edwards, "Marques will be our first DI player to come out of Ceasar Chavez". He may or may not be right.  Edwards is a big time athlete no doubt, but he has 2+ years of work to do. We saw him go up (from a standing position) and tomahawk dunk over somebody.  But he also reminds me of former AZ Prep LJ Jones.  Jones, if you remember, was the next star after he helped win the State Championship for Marcos de Niza back in his freshman year.  LJ never developed his basketball skill, or had the mental toughness.  Plus, the biggest factor in all of this is, what is in Edwards head?  He has the body, athleticism and strength, but needs to understand how to play hard for 32 minutes. Basketball skill development is the key with him.  He is somebody to watch closely, and we will label him a DI follow.  A more detailed evaluation will come this summer on the club circuit.


Johnathan Hampton, 6-6 F Camelback High School

Hampton has the size an athleticism right now, what he needs is basketball skill development.  Ball skills need work, but if continues to grow, Coach Brad Pinter has a solid MM prospect on his hands.  Hampton can finish in traffic and shoot it from 15ft.  It will be good to see him go up against top competition this spring/summer with the Arizona Stars.  We will wait on placing him at a specific level.

Division I Follow


Chris Chairez, 5-5 PG North High School

What can we say about this 2009 ball of fire.  A true PG, who will have the key to unlock the potential powerhouse at North.  Great composure for a sophomore.  He handles pressure like a seasoned veteran.  Can stroke it from beyond the arc.  Good decisions in transition and rarely makes a mistake.  His size will hurt but with continued development athletically, he can play at the next level!


Others of note:

William Woodruff, 6-6 P Central High School

Brandin Simon, 5-11 G La Joya High School


Mark Ramirez, 6-2 G Camelback High School

Solid Class of 2010 guard.  Smart, makes good decisions and can handle the pressure.  He showed us he belongs on the "Ones to watch" list over the next 3 years.  Good size, strong and likes contact.  He could turn out to be Pinter's best player over the next 3.5 years!


Byron Rhymes Jr., 5-8 PG Carl Hayden High School
The Rhymes name keeps on going!  Byron is a good looking PG that has a good feel for the position.  He makes mistakes but we will count those out with his class of 2010 status.  He makes things happen with the ball.  He will be another solid guard in the long list to play at Carl Hayden.


Daniel Bejarano, 6-5 W North High School

Can someone say, "I GOT NEXT"!  Bejarano does if things continue to develop. He could be the next major recruit after Lavendar (Mt. View). Daniel is a great-looking prospect with long arms and advanced skills for a freshman. Big-time athlete who can rise way above the rim. Great instincts with the ball. Strong inside the paint. Attacks the basket and finishes in traffic. Can shoot it from behind the arc. With development, a potential high-major prospect.

MM Prospect-HM Follow


Robert Arvizu, 6-1 G North High School

The quietest of the North "FAB Five".  His role seems to be the 3pt threat.  And he fits it well.  Unassuming presence on the court, but he will beat you when needed.  He plays hard and understands what that means!  Robert will win some big games for the Mustangs over the next 4 years!  It will be interesting see him develop with continued experience, especially on the club circuit against top competition.


Kwame Dailey, 6-4 F North High School

Dailey has the size of a college wing.  He needs strength and focus on his ball skills over his prep career because we see him having to face the basket at the next level.  Developing into a solid 3pt. threat will only enhance his stock.  One to watch (closely) over the next few years.


Shabaz Lewis, 6-4 F North High School

Lewis was actually the first player we noticed last week.  He plays emotional and animated.  Big shoulders suggest an inside 3 man.  Plays hard and uses his superior athleticism to muscle his way inside.  He has a nice shot and can score in bunches.  Continued ball skill development and learning how to shoot off the dribble can make him a future MM player.  Like all freshmen, there are so many factors involved for his stock to rise, but right now we list him as a MM prospect.

MM Prospect

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