2008 Introduction: Travis Payton

We take a look at Travis Payton, a 5-9 PG from Agua Fria High School, Class of 2008...

Travis Payton, 5-9 PG 2008 Avondale (Ariz) Agua Fria High School


Payton has been on our radar for the last 3 years.  From the beginning we knew without a jumpshot he would be destined to go Juco.  The J is still not there, but there is still time!


Payton is built like a full back.  He has the strength, athleticism and speed.  Good ball skills and is effective in transition.  With his speed, he is hard to guard and is exceptional at making things happen.


He can score, but from 15ft and in.  Great penetration and makes good decisions in traffic.  Good passing skills and can see the floor on the break.


He can defend and has pretty good footwork.  He excels in a running, trapping defensive scheme.


Payton understands the PG position but needs to really become a threat beyond the arc.  His shot is in disarray but again over the next year that could change.  If it does, he could play at a high level DII.  Two years of Juco and major shot development could land him at the LM level 3 years from now.


We will continue to watch Payton and bring you updates on his progress!



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