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What started out as a hobby more than 30 years ago on Monday will become a premium web site. What's that mean? Simply put, those who want to stay up on all of the latest California high school state rankings, state record updates, state stat leaders and other breaking stories will need to now subscribe to access those features.

The fact that you're reading this means you have some level of interest in Cal-Hi Sports and Some of you have seen our work for many years, while others may only have discovered us just this fall after seeing our site mentioned on the Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area TV show.

While it might be bad news in some respects that our site is going premium, the good news is that we're vastly improving the coverage we'll provide on our premium site.

The major addition to the site, starting late next week, will be the complete fall sports state record book. All of our football records have been updated through the 2001 season and once they are posted on the site they also will be updated every week. This means that if you go to a game on a Friday night and watch someone intercept five passes in one half of a football game, you'll be able to go home and check it out immediately to see if that total makes the all-time state list. Then by the next week, you'll be able to see that total already included on the all-time list.

These always-updated state records also will be added to the site later in the school year for winter sports and spring sports. We think having instant access to the state record book might be impetus enough to get some of our current readers to subscribe to the site.

When the Internet first became the norm in America several years ago, Student Sports Inc. and Cal-Hi Sports were among the first media outlets to jump aboard. For daily recruiting updates on Student Sports, we charged $125... still a great deal when you weighed all the info we provided on a daily basis.

Soon there were some deep pocketed dot-coms who came into the high school realm offering all the whistles and bells for free. The idea was that advertising would cover the costs, but that model soon went out the window. Now, almost all of those high school-related websites have gone out of business.

We strongly believe Cal-Hi Sports and Student Sports provides the only totally accurate high school coverage in the industry and are happy with our decision to have partnered with Jim Heckman and network of experts. Our partnership has been the ideal platform to showcase our information on the Internet, which very soon will also include video and audio clips in addition to the printed word.

However, in today's economy, business realities have forced us to go full circle, back to the pay model that worked when we first started.

By going premium, meaning charging a monthly fee of only $7.95 or $79.95 for the year (only 22 cents per day) we can provide an upgraded and more comprehensive site that will include all of our resources: newsletters, record books, television coverage, and events, plus everything available from our partners on network.

Here's a glimpse at the features that will be part of a premium subscription to (please note that some of the features will still be free):

*Game reports in which someone from our staff has personally attended
*New state top 20 overall football rankings with comments on each team
*New state top 10 divisional and regional football rankings with lists of teams on the bubble, teams that dropped and writeups of key matchups
*State Stat Stars of the Week
*New state volleyball rankings
*Deep, deep, deep state stat leader lists
*Single Game Highs Lists Updated
*All-Time State Records Lists Updated

The premium subscription also will include:
*Major recruiting updates and commitments
*Premium message boards
*Breaking news stories
*Opinions and analysis on hot topics of the day
*Inside information at events we produce, including Nike Football Camps, the Student Sports Elite 11 Quarterback Camp, the Area Code Baseball Games, National Championship tournaments in soccer and basketball

So you don't miss any of our coverage next week, sign up by following this link"

Thanks for your patronage and support. We hope you'll be happy with the new direction of our websites and understand the reasons for the change.

Mark Tennis Executive Editor Student Sports Inc. & Cal-Hi Sports

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