GSP Player Profile: Taylor Herbert

Elk Grove (Calif.) Pleasant Grove is more than just Armond Armstead, and quarterback Taylor Herbert will be one of the players to watch this fall, and this spring...

Taylor Herbert, at 6-4.5, 200 pounds, is above average in stature.

Now place him on the football field in the position of quarterback and he's a football coach's dream. Herbert plays for Pleasant Grove High School in Elk Grove, Calif.

Not only does he have the guns to get the ball down the field with pin point accuracy, he's got the commanding height to make sure it gets there with an unobstructed view of the field. Combine that with excellent footwork, the ability to drop back and hit the receiver anywhere on the field, to be able to scramble when needed, and run when necessary, you've got a D-Line's biggest nightmare.

Now wait, Pleasant Grove High School has a great air game. They not only have four outstanding wide receivers, but they also have three hot, I mean hot running backs. Now if you're the other team what do you do? Is Herbert going to hand off the ball or go to the air?

Herbert is not afraid to take a hit. That's because he knows how to dish them out as well. He also plays safety. I've personally watched him tackle and he's all business. He's also the punter for the team. Combine all of that into a quarterback and you know you've got a kid with a lot of talent. A quarterback that not only knows how to call the plays on offense, but can read the opposing teams defense just as well while he's in the pocket.

Taylor has had some interest in him, from D-I and D-II schools, for his talents in baseball and football. He's a standout pitcher on the Pleasant Grove Eagles baseball team as well.

As an outstanding two sport athlete Taylor will have to choose which path to take, either baseball or football.

It's only a matter of time until some school makes him an offer he can't refuse. Given his god given talents and abilities on the football field, or baseball diamond, it will be a win win situation for both him and the school he chooses to attend.

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