Nelson Shining At New School

Playing at Lincoln HS in Stockton last year as a sophomore gave Demareya Nelson a chance to play with several talented players, including three Pac-10 bound teammates. This year, at new school Chavez of Stockton, Nelson is the leader of the team...

Demareya Nelson is a 6-2, 205-pound junior running back/linebacker from Chavez HS in Stockton, Calif.

Nelson is a Junior transfer from Lincoln HS of Stockton where he played FB/LB for the Trojans.

At Lincoln he rushed for an average of seven yards per carry, averaged 26 yards per reception, 3.5 sacks for the season and 2.2 tackles per game.

Now let's fast forward a year. Nelson now plays at Chavez, a new school in Stockton with a 2nd year varsity team, for head coach Eric Duncon.

Nelson stats have definitely improved since joining Chavez. So far this season he's rushed for an average of 12 yards per carry, averaged 5.3 tackles per game, 18 yards a reception, returned an interception 70 yards, recovered three fumbles, and has 12 touchdowns with two sacks for the season.

Coach Duncon commented to me that Nelson is one of the top three players in the area and the sky's the limit for him. He also mentioned that Nelson can definitely play at the next level. Coach Duncon knows this first hand having played football for San Diego State as an accomplished NG/DT.

Demareya Nelson has aspirations to play for USC or Cal, but is willing to entertain offers from schools that require his talents as a rusher. The running game may be his passion but having watched him play, he could easily fit in as a WR/DB etc.

He's currently flying under the radar as a junior but this will quickly change as the season winds down and he enters his senior year. Nelson is definitely a player with great potential and should be a big target on many D1 radar screens.

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