GSP Player Profile: Morro Bay ATH Logan Budd

The MVP of the Los Padres League, Logan Budd of Morro Bay, had an excellent senior season, showing versatility and a knack for the big play. Now Budd waits to see what the next step of his football career will entail...

Morro Bay (Calif.) quarterback Logan Budd (6-1.5, 180), had an outstanding senior year, but because he's tucked away on the coast in Central California, not much is known about him. But know this: few players are as versatile as Budd.

While he's still waiting for his first scholarship offer, several schools have been keeping in contact with him.

"San Jose State has been talking to me and I've sent film out to a lot of different colleges," said Budd. "San Diego State, a bunch in California, they have seen my film and evaluated my film already. I've talked to a bunch of schools and a lot of them have wanted to see film on me."

What they'll see is a versatile threat, a player who rarely came off the field in 2007. Budd played quarterback, defensive back and did the kicking for Morro Bay, leading them to an unbeaten regular season and the Los Padres League title.

"I'm getting recruited as an athlete, but they like me as both a quarterback and defensive back. They know I can do a bunch of positions. I was in the top 25 in three different categories so they look at me as an athlete," said Budd. "Cal Poly definitely is wanting to recruit me and the other day they came by to talk to me about an official visit. Besides Cal Poly, San Jose State has really wanted me for an official visit."

So does Budd have a preference of what position he'll play?

"It depends on what college it's at," said Budd. "I know at Cal Poly, I could help them out at a couple of different positions but I like quarterback. I could play receiver, safety or kicker. In high school, I was more dominant at cornerback. I was a lock down, who could guard people one-on-one. Safety wise, I'd need to learn the position more. I liked the cornerback spot though."

Budd said he's not done growing and if a redshirt season was necessary, he'd be open to it.

"I'm young and my body definitely has a lot of growing to do. I definitely would consider doing a redshirt freshman year so I can get thicker. My body is definitely capable of doing that, as far as height and weight goes."

Budd is also a stellar baseball player and said that he may try and walk-on in college somewhere.

"Before I focused on football, I was on a real popular travel team," said Budd. "I've played my whole life. I'm a utility player, and I know a couple players have done both, so I might try walking on," said Budd.

Budd said he's willing to wait to see if more colleges get involved, but his lifelong familiarity with Cal Poly could allow him to decide earlier than later.

"Since I'm trying to get my name out, I might wait, but since I've been going to Cal Poly games my whole life, I'm leaning there," said Budd.

Budd is a solid student, with a 3.2 GPA and a 940 on the two-part SAT and a 20 on the ACT.

He was named the MVP of the Los Padres League after leading the league in passing, rushing, scoring, yards per punt, total offense, PATs and defensively, interceptions.

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