One made it with the help of a camera and one did it with more breathing room, but the two newest members of the 500-yard club are Terry Mermer from Calvary Chapel of Santa Ana and Rudy Carpenter of Newbury Park. You'll be surprised who else is on the list. Those of you in Fresno know him well.

The 500-yard club is for those quarterbacks who have thrown for 500 yards in one game. It's a club of honor for those who did it in the natural course of a high-scoring game. But it also can be a club of shame for those who did it while their teams were running up the score against hopelessly outmatched opponents.

Mermer's huge outing came last weekend in a 41-40 victory over Laguna Beach in a Pacific Coast League game. He finished 31 of 45 for 514 yards and four touchdowns.

Mermer's huge outing came last weekend in a 41-40 victory over Laguna Beach in a Pacific Coast League game. He finished 31 of 45 for 514 yards and four touchdowns.

Mermer's biggest pass of the night came with 33 seconds left when he connected on a 23-yard scoring pass to Joey Jones that gave the Eagles the win.

Donnelle Darling's two touchdowns in the third quarter had lifted Laguna Beach to a 40-34 lead entering the final quarter. But Mermer was coming off a 363-yard passing effort in a losing cause from the week before and really didn't want to do repeat that outcome.

"It feels great to play well and win," Mermer told the Orange County Register. "On the play I was looking for Joey all the way as I knew he could beat the safety and was catching everything."

Jones finished with exceptional stats as well. He caught 11 passes for 230 yards and two TDs.

Mermer became just the 18th player in state history to throw for 500 yards in a game. It turns out that the 17th was from the week before, but that wasn't confirmed until several days after the fact.

In a game between Newbury Park and Royal of Simi Valley, Newbury Park quarterback Rudy Carpenter was reported with 514 yards by one newspaper and was credited with 494 from another. It wasn't until Newbury Park coach George Hurley went over the game films several times and came up with 31 of 61 for 507 yards and six TDs that Carpenter was officially given 500 club status.

Newbury Park and Hurley are no stranger to prolific passing stats and the school as well as the Ventura County Star have always gone by the stats that are compiled from the films.

Carpenter's 507 yards, however, was not enough as Royal won the crazy game, 58-55. The Newbury Park tapes also showed three receivers with 10 catches in the game -- Justin Cox (10-195), Bryce Winter (10-166) and Luis Sanoja (10-140).

Steve Woodward from Tamalpais of Mill Valley was the first quarterback in state history reported with 500 yards or more passing for a single game. Woodward did it with 546 yards in a 1966 game against Novato.

The second to make the list was in 1969 when Carlos Brown of Riverdale piled up 501 yards in a game against Laton. Carlos later changed his name to Alan Autry and became an actor, starring most notably in the TV series, "In the Heat of the Night," with the late Carroll O'Connor. And Alan Autry is now, of course, the major of Fresno.

The club only added one member last year when Angel Reyna from Cajon of San Bernardino threw for 526 yards in a wild 55-53 loss to Rialto.

In 2000, David Koral from Palisades of Pacific Palisades had four 500-yard games, including his national record outing of 764 in a 48-30 victory over Grant of Van Nuys.

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