Player Profile: Luke Babbitt

Galena HS of Reno star Luke Babbitt may not be a Golden State native, but he impressed the GSP staff and after doing plenty of damage to Sacramento area teams, he left his mark in NorCal...

If you play basketball in the greater Sacramento area you're going to most likely play some schools from the Reno, Nevada area. Reno is about 130 miles due east of Sacramento across beautiful I-80 and through the Lake Tahoe area, a beautiful ride to say the least. So, why would Reno teams drive 130 miles to play schools in Sacramento? Well the competition of course. The Sacramento area has produced, and continues to produce, Division 1 and pro sports prospects for a variety of sports. The area has grown and evolved over the years drawing talents from all over the state. This is partly due to affordable housing and the stability that working in the state capitol brings – especially if you have a government job. Elk Grove, California (a bedroom communitty15 miles south of Sacramento) was the fastest growing city in the United Sates a few years ago.

Well enough on Sacramento and let's jump to the article at hand. I was fortunate to watch a 5+ star Reno basketball phenom play at a preseason tournament in the Sacramento area. I'm talking about Luke Babbitt of Galena High School from Reno, Nevada. Babbitt is a power forward that stands 6' – 8" tall. He's a lefty and weighs in at 215 pounds. He was playing in the Mark Macres Tournament at Monterey Trails High School (a relatively new school in Elk Grove, Ca with a pretty good team). Luke Babbitt is the all time leading scorer in Nevada's history. I watched him play against Edison High School, of Stockton, at the tournament and he was fun to watch.

It's been written that Luke Babbitt is a potential all American candidate and prospective NBA player as well. Having watched him play I can't argue. He's a high major prospect, one of the nation's top 300. Babbitt is currently ranked 6th in his position and 25th overall by

Babbitt can put the ball on the floor and beat his man off of the dribble, drive to the basket for a lay-up or dunk, or pull up for the mid range jumper or step back for the 3 pointer. He is such a smart player and you can see it when he dunks. Why do I say that? Well, he dunks because it's the most efficient play to make to deliver the rock to the basket not to show boat.

Now the game I watched was special. It was notably Babbitt's best game of the season against a pretty good team. He scored a season high 42 points, had 3 steals, 11 - 2 pointers, 3 – 3 pointers, 11 for 11 at the line (perfection), 23 rebounds, 4 assist, 3 steals, and 2 blocks, talk about production – wow!! He's currently averaging 29.9 points per game, 13.2 rebounds per game, 2 steals per game, and 3.5 assist per game.

Luke Babbitt has offers from Gonzaga, UCLA, Ohio State, Arizona State, Michigan, Syracuse, UNLV, USC, and Washington. He‘s decided to stay close to home and play for Nevada. No matter what conference he plays he will be a force to reckon with. He's decided to join the Wolfpack.

Whether he plays in the Pac-10, Big East, Big 10 or WAC conference, Babbitt is definitely not a follower but will be a "Leader of the Pack".

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