Boyett Is Napa's Finest

Napa is home to vineyards and victories, the latter coming thanks to's Northern California Player of the Year, John Boyett. Here is a close-up of the Oregon-bound Boyett, who led Napa to the CIF-SJ Section title in 2007...

Napa is World renowned for its beautiful valleys filled with acres upon acres of vineyards and wineries.

You'll find Mondovi, Mumm, Christian Brothers, and Boyett.

The first three are wineries but the fourth is not.

Boyett, first name John, is arguably one of the best multi talented High School football players the region has ever seen. The high school is Napa Union. That high school is now on every recruiters, and scouts radar screen thanks to heir football team led by Boyett.

While Napa is well known for its fine bottles of wine, the world of prep sports has taken notice of another Napa product - the High School football program created by head coach Troy Mott.

If you love stats then you'll love Boyett's. He's a QB/DB listed at 6-0 and 190 pounds. Boyett scored 22 touchdowns, 20 extra points and rushed for 1,527 yards – with an average of 7 ypc, 108 completions for 1,827 yds with a QB rating of 122. Defensively, he had 62 tackles, three sacks, intercepted 3 passes for 47 yards, 22 punt returns for 275 yds – 12.50 yd. average per return, has 13 kick off returns with an average of 26 yds per return. Nice.

Phil Paggett, a well respected assistant coach at Pleasant Grove High School had this to say about John Boyett: " He's the most exciting player at the High School level that I've seen in years, since Dallas Bernstein, in 2001 out of Vallejo Bethel, broke the Northern California rushing record for that year."

Many coaches in the Northern California area dreaded playing against Napa because of all the tools Boyett brought onto the field. He did so many things that it was impossible to predict what his next play would be.

In the last game of the season, for the CIF-SJ Championship, Napa played against St. Mary's of Stockton. Boyett rushed for 141 yards, scored three touchdowns and passed for 155 yds. This helped to give a 38-36 victory to the Napa Indians. This was their first section title. Boyett's season ended with him passing for 1,822 yards and 19 touchdowns. He rushed for 1,524 yds and had 20 touch downs. Boyett also had 76 tackles for the season.

In his senior year Boyett set the Napa school record with 3,354 yards of total offense. He was named League, County, and Northern California player by a multitude of media types, including the Sacramento Bee Newspaper that named him player of the year and Golden State Preps, which named him the Northern California Player of the Year.

John Boyett commited early to Oregon when he gave his pledge in June of 2007. He never changed his mind despite increasing attention throughout his senior year. Boyett graduated high school 6 months early.

While the name Boyett could easily be mistaken for one of Napa's wineries, you won't find him there anymore, at least not during the college school year. He's moved on to play at the next level.

Napa Union HS won the 2007 CIF Championship by beating powerhouse St-Mary's of Stockton this season, helping to redefine Napa in the world of prep football.

Like any fine bottle of Napa wine that gets better with age - we expect the same of Boyett. Napa Valley is more than just Vineyards and wineries. You'll find a championship football team there that had an incredible season. They were led by an incredible football player, you had to be out there and see him play to appreciate what I've just written, by the name of Boyett. So where will you find the name Boyett these days? Well don't look for it on a bottle of Napa wine, look for it on the back of an Oregon Ducks football players' jersey this fall - cause that's where you'll find Boyett.

Will 2007 be a great year for Napa wine? That's yet to be seen, but it was a great year for Napa Football... A Great Year.

Boyett – Napa High School - Vintage 2007

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