The Man of Steel: Reeves Nelson

The Man of Steel is the nickname for Superman. But Modesto Christian forward Reeves Nelson plays like the superhero and takes a look at the future UCLA Bruin...

When ever I hear the name Reeves, for some reason I think of the Superman character. If you've watched Reeves Nelson play, like I have, you'd think you were watching the man of steel in action.

I first had the pleasure of watching Nelson play last year. I was at Cal watching a bunch of schools play and there was Nelson doing his thing on the Pac-10 court.

Nelson attends Modesto Christian High School and plays the power forward position. He's 6-7 and weighs in at 215 pounds. His AAU team is the Pump N Run Elite.

I'm not going to go into stats here, but will only say he's outstanding. His high school team was undefeated in league, with 15 wins, and for the season had a 29-5 record overall. Check out his player profile on and it tells you all. Nelson is an elite player.

This kid is as unique of a physical specimen as they come for a high school athlete. When I watched him play at Cal last year, he was 15 years old. He was playing varsity just after his sophomore year in June of 2007, but looked like a man amongst boys. He was intimidating on the floor and you can tell this by how he was able to open up his own lanes on the way to the basket.

Who would dare take a charge against him? - No one! Taking that charge may be the right thing to do, but the possibility of getting run over by the Nelson express is definitely not worth it. It may be your last play of the game. This past season was no different, he was a force on the court. He's a physical player – no doubt. He could easily step onto a football field and play almost any position. Those that go up against Nelson on the hardwood will wish they were wearing pads – but no such luck. He can drive, rebound, shoot, pass, dunk, play defense, etc.. etc.. It's been said that you can't coach size.. well you can't coach heart either and this kid has both.

Reeves has committed to UCLA and holds offers from Arizona, California, Duke, Florida, Georgetown, LSU, North Carolina, Stanford, Texas, Washington and USC.

What would I have done differently in watching Reeves Play - take more pictures to start. He truly was amazing to watch. Is Reeves faster then a speeding bullet?, if that bullet is a metaphor for the opposing team's guard, more powerful then a locomotive?, if that represents his competition in the Pac 10, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?, on the way to dunk, it's a bird, it's a plane .. Nope it's just Reeves Nelson doing his thing on the court .. and looking superhuman in doing it.

UCLA fans are in for a treat next year and I wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood comes calling Reeves Nelson's way as well. For Nelson's future is going up.. up.. and away…

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