B2G's Impressive Alumni

With over 120 players on college rosters and double-digit on NFL rosters, the storied success of the B2G Elite Football Program continues to impress year in and year out...

NFL Players: Seven. 2008 NFL Rookies: Three College All-Americans: Five. High School All-Americans: 29. Currently on Major College Football rosters: Over 120.

Those staggering numbers are just a small sampling of the success players have experienced after going through the B2G Elite Football Program. To put things in perspective, the first three years of B2G, only 65 TOTAL attended the program. 15% of them are now in the pros.

When Ron Allen and Henry Bell, former players at UCLA and Purdue respectively started B2G back in 2000, even they didn't imagine the success would reach the heights it has.

B2G helped the 2005 Mackey Award Winner and Jacksonville Jaguar, Marcedes Lewis, as well as former USC All-American and NY Jet, Darnell Bing while they were at LB Poly High. Steve Smith, one of the numerous heroes for the New York Giants in their '08 Super Bowl win, went through the B2G Elite Program in 2002. Dennis Dixon, Pittsburgh Steeler and frontrunner for the 2007 Heisman Trophy before injuring his knee, as well as Daymeon Hughes (Indianapolis Colts), the 2006 Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year, both joined Smith that year.

And those are just the early years.

The 2006 program was one of the most impressive collections they've had, with 10 players selected to one of the All-American Games, including Chris Rainey and Marc Tyler.

Impressed yet?

The 2007 program wasn't a slouch either, with a handful more of future HS All-Americans.

It is what Allen and Bell were hoping would happen when they got things going. But again, they weren't prepared for the long list of stalwarts their program would produce.

"For all of the stars we had, it was the guys like Daymeon Hughes, who went on to have a big career at Cal, those are the ones we remember," said Allen.

For Bell, one player stood out.

"Richard Sherman was a guy who basically grew up in our program, coming when he was a sophomore and playing with the older guys. From a sophomore who was quiet, to the guy who was the leader his last year, he really grew up," said Bell.

Sherman would go to Stanford from Dominguez HS in Compton. On 4th & 20 against USC, Richard would make a huge catch that set up the game winning touchdown pass and catch from Tavita Pritchard to Mark Bradford. His catch allowed the Cardinal to stun USC in one of the biggest upsets in college history. Did we mention that Bradford also attended B2G in 2002?

But before he was making "Game Changing Performances," Sherman was toiling in the Valley heat during the summer, earning his keep.

"I learned a lot at B2G, but the one thing I learned more than anything was to never stop working," said Sherman. "They don't let you stop working; they don't let you stop learning. You constantly have to work and it prepares you for college."

Across the field from Sherman that fateful October night, were David Ausberry and C.J. Gable, rivals in college, but friends from B2G the summer of 2005.

"I still talk with the guys from B2G and I talk to David and C.J. all the time. Although they didn't really talk to me for a while, they were mad at me," joked Sherman.

And when he's back home in Southern California during the offseason, Sherman tries to connect with the founders of B2G.

"I talk to those guys all the time because I appreciate what they did for me," said Sherman. "I want to go back and tell guys what you experience when you work hard."

One of the fascinating parts of B2G is the launching it does to underclassmen.

Two summers ago, an athletic and charismatic defensive back, barely halfway done with high school, was chirping it up, having the time of his life. Two years later, Rahim Moore would end up being the #2 safety in the country by Scout.com, a U.S. Army All-American and sign with UCLA.

That same camp, the star of the show was Kemonte Bateman, not well known because of Crenshaw's other stars. But the A-Game MVP later, Bateman was known by everyone.

Last summer, Tate Forcier was the Camp MVP and now he's the #2 quarterback in the West.

And like Bateman, Shaquelle Evans from Inglewood used the camp after his sophomore year to stake his claim. Now Evans is the #1 receiver in the West and a five-star by Scout.com.

"B2G was a great experience and it gave me an idea what college was like, with getting up early, going to breakfast, than having a few minutes before you hit the field and doing it all over again," said Evans. "It's showing you how it's going to be in college and how you'll have to be."

Fresno Edison is known for their secondary, and the great success those players go on to have.

Last summer, their entire starting defensive backfield came. It included Robert Golden, an Arizona signee and the West's #1 corner in the class of 2008 and safety Brandon Leslie, headed to Georgia Tech. It also included a pair of underclassmen, T.J. McDonald, a commit to USC and one of the elite safeties nationally, and Cliff Harris, the top-ranked cornerback in the country.

"B2G was real cool and it was a great experience for me," said Golden. "They kept pushing and pushing me, but it made me better. A lot of what I did my senior year was because I was pushed that weekend."

When B2G returns to Cal Lutheran this summer, from June 26-29, more stars of tomorrow are expected.

Evans will be back, so will Harris and McDonald. Bell and Allen are already salivating at the prospects of Evans and Harris going head-to-head in the 1-on-1's, a pair of Army All-Americans, both the top players at their spot.

It's that kind of intensity and talent level that continues to set B2G apart.

B2G are hosting open workouts every Sunday at 2 Locations. Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA from 10-12:30 and Windward H.S. in West LA, CA from 2-4. Visit B2G Sports or email info@b2gsports.com for more info.

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