Armond Armstead: A Pleasant Grove Legend

To a new school, an athlete like Armond Armstead can be a shot in the arm, and Armstead provided that for Pleasant Grove HS in Elk Grove. Armstead says goodbye as he heads to USC to continue his football career...

Armstead with Pleasant Grove Principal Frank Lucia.

I just got off of the phone with Armond Armstead. He's closed out his high school, Pleasant Grove H.S., career and moving on to the next chapter of his life. I've watched him play since his freshmen year at Sheldon High School. His dad, Gus Armstead, is a basketball Guru in the Sacramento area. Gus runs a company called , which is a premiere basketball training service for pro athlete's, college players, and select high school players. So it's obvious were Armond's love, and prowess, of basketball comes from – his dad Gus. His love for the hardwood definitely made him a cut above on the Grid Iron. After you read his interview with me, you will get a better idea of what makes this player so special.

Armstead goes up high for 2 against Natomas H.S. last season.

Armond takes down a Chavez H.S. running back last season.

Since Armond is in his high schools first ever graduating class I don't think the Faculty at his school, or his coaching staff, realize what a legacy Armstead has left behind at Pleasant Grove.

With a promising football career at USC ahead of him, and possibly the pros – we are talking USC football here, Armond was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for me. He remains a down to earth young man, who is about to enter a world that many of us can only dream about.  

Armond Armstead takes a picture after his High School graduation at Arco Arena with Deonte Williams, one of California's Superstar High School Running backs, and team mom Ebony Watkins.

1) What will you miss the most about high school ?
My team mates and the crowd.. having my parents around .. being close to family and friends ..

2) What was your favorite football game of the past season ?
Playing Jesuit H.S.  .. It was the first time we beat them and it was at their home field. They are a powerhouse team in the area, so beating them was great!

3) What was your favorite basketball game of the season?
 Again it was Jesuit and we beat them at our home court and for the first time. The student body went wild !

4) Which football team mates will you miss the most ( or left a lasting impression)?
 Darron Powe-Reed, Kenny Umeh, and Deonte Williams are at the top of the list as well as other members of my team..

5) Which Basketball team mates will you miss the most (or left a lasting impression)?
 Xavier Thames, Herby Lissade, and Brian Wells .. and other members of my team.

6) I've watched you play sports throughout your high school career. You were a two sport standout in high school, basketball and football, you chose to play football at the next level for USC. What will you miss the most about playing basketball?
Dunking the basketball and of course all of the girls at the games.

7) What do you look forward to the most at USC ?
Definitely playing football again.

8) You've made history at PGHS by being the first Blue Chip recruits of any sport, what message would you like to give those that may try to follow in your footsteps?
They should work hard , don't get a big head, have fun but don't forget to work hard in school

9) Is there anything you'd like to add .. or any special message you'd like to give our readers ?
God and family come first …

10) A lot of your fans at USC are wondering if you're going to play basketball at USC ?
Maybe …

11)  A lot of Athlete's say they play for the "Love of the Game" .. What does that mean to you ?
Football – how fun it is .. playing hard to honor legends of the past …

As Armond Armstead closes the High School portion of his career and moves on to college, one can only wonder what type of brush stroke he will lay on that blank canvass. His high school career can be compared to as a master piece, every move on the field a brush stroke of perfection. If his high school career is any indication of things to come, then his time at USC, and beyond, will be a work of art for all to enjoy.

Good Luck at USC Mr. Armstead, you've earned it.


Armond Armstead – A living, Breathing work of art.

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