GSP Q&A: McClatchy OL David Cundiff

Sacramento McClatchy offensive lineman David Cundiff has been diligently attending numerous camps and combines, all in preparation for his college future, and most importantly, his senior season...

David Cundiff was a young athlete that was flying under the radar, yet putting in the work against D1, Pac 10 recruits, on the field when I first watched him play. He did very well against these players. When I see a player like Cundiff, a thought always comes to mind. "It's one football game, 22 players on the field, 11 individual battles every down, every player doing his part. " David Cundiff does his part exceptionally well on the field.  If you're a coach in need of a linemen you better give this young man a call – quickly.

I asked Cundiff a few questions about his post season activities and here is what he had to say:

How's the summer going?
So far so good.  As you know my school year ended with my attending the LA Under Armor combine.  It was a great experience.  I bettered my time in everything except the 40.  I was disappointed.  In practice I had been hitting 5.1 to 5.2 but couldn't pull it out at the combine.  I am not sure if you know but last January was when I began working with a trainer Vince Mini in El Dorado Hills, CA  about 30 miles from me.  He has a great reputation and has had good success with other athletes.  I work out from 4:30 am until my workout is completed, usually about 6:00 am.  It has been tough getting up at 3:40 each morning during the school year, but now I can crawl back in bed if I need to when I get home.  Saturday's we work on footwork and speed.

At the end of my school year I was fortunate to attend Cal Berkeley's football camp.  It was the best!  I met some outstanding athletes, and learned a lot.  The coaching was excellent.  I played Center, a position I played only a few times at McClatchy.  I did well.  I was also Captain of my team, a very nice honor.

How was your experience at the combines?
Both were good learning experiences for me.  My first combine was the one in Oakland.  I did not know what to expect, it was much larger than I had expected.   I did not perform as well as I would have liked but it made me more determined to work-out harder than ever.  The second one in LA as I mentioned earlier was also a great learning experience.  Both combines have helped me gauge myself with other athletes.  At McClatchy I have been limited in my exposure to other "big" guys.  I have to say I know several of the athletes in LA were disappointed the OL did not get to go one-on-one because of injuries at a previous combines. However, we had an opportunity to show our skills and learn a few things going up against bags held by fellow O lineman.

What is your short list?
My short list, well I haven't really come up with one because I am open to anyone who wants me.  But, I am interested in University of Washington, Sac State, University of Nevada at Reno, Washington State, San Diego and of course I would give my right arm to play for either Stanford or Cal.  Hey reaching high is a good thing.  Although my GPA is not a 4.0 (3.68 Honors, CSU 3.41) for Stanford or Cal I did well on my SAT – my combined score was 1770.  I will take in again in the fall and hope to do even better.  I just made sure the scores were going to be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center today.

Who has contacted you?
I have received letters from Columbia, Stony Brook University, University of Washington, Washington State, Webber State, Portland State University and Florida State,   A couple of school just dropped by to take a "look see" and I ran into the reps in the lunch quad from University of Washington and Washington State.  Also American River college would like me to consider them if I don't get a scholarship to a 4-year.  At Cal I talked with Sac State and am going on a tour with one of my trainers to see their program in the next couple of weeks when the staff returns from a break.

Am I looking forward to playing this fall?
Yes, very much so.  The football camp at Cal got me really pumped up to play college ball.  I have a good feeling about this year, I believe that I will have a standout season and am hoping that it will help those colleges and universities out there to notice me even more. 

Are you still wrestling?
Wrestling – yes I plan to wrestle.  I was good last year but with my added weight and strength from working out daily I believe I will be a contender at State this year.  Wrestling keeps me in great shape for football too.  Helps me with speed.

Do I plan to wrestle in college?
If for some reason football doesn't work out for me I would like to wrestle.  But football in my main sport.

What does for the love of the game mean to you?
Meaning why do I wrestle and play football.  Well, it means to me that because it is so important to me that I will give 110% each time I go on the field or floor to compete.  It means I work hard even when I am not feeling the best, when I am discouraged because we aren't winning.  I had my first taste of playing on a team that consistently won at the Cal camp and oh did it feel great!  It's important to play with integrity and conviction.  I also know that when you are having fun, you really can do your best – you are untouchable and it feels incredible.  You know playing 110% also needs to happen everywhere - in sports, academics, communication with family and friends and in your life.

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