GSP Player Profile: QB Adam Kennedy

Elk Grove (Calif.) Franklin quarterback Adam Kennedy is emerging as a player to watch in Northern California and Golden State takes a look at the strong-armed signal caller...

Adam Kennedy is the epitome of what a High School football Quarterback should be. He's 6'-5" and 205 pounds. He plays for Franklin High School of Elk Grove, California. On the field he's incredible to watch. He's a natural at his position with the physical attributes to match. Adam's received calls from the D1 schools in the local area that are trying to recruit him and this is my take on this incredible talent.

When I'm watching him play I know that if matched with players of his caliber at the next level he will truly reach his potential. I've watched his game film and was awed at the prospect of introducing such a talent to the national network, let alone to GSP. This prompted me to attend his last game, which he won against Sheldon High School of Elk Grove. Franklin H.S. has had rough pre-season playing some of the best schools in the area.

I must say that I'm impressed at what Adam brings to the most important position on the field. He keeps the other team guessing as to what he's going to do. It's obvious that he knows how to read the defense and takes advantage of any weakness he sees. He's not afraid to take a hit. Adam is definitely a natural at the QB position.

When a scout or coach looks at a Quarterback, whether high school, college or the pros, there's certain qualities they look for. Many scouts have a checklist that includes physical, mental, and personality traits that they look for. These traits impact a quarterback's success on the field. My checklist includes arm strength, competiveness, intelligence, mobility, release, size, and vision. This is the first time that I was able to check off every box.



Adam's arm strength is great. He throws the ball with such velocity that it doesn't give the defense time to react. Hopefully when he's paired up with premiere receivers at the next level they'll be able to handle the rockets that he throws.


Just watch a high light tape of Adam and that'll be enough said. No one works harder on the field then Adam. When he's not putting It in the air or in some ones hands, he's running the ball himself and usually for a nice gain.


Well I won't go into Adam's 3.3 + high school GPA and 1650 SAT. We'll stick to football and I'll just say that Adam seems to have a very high QB IQ. Adam has to know what every other skill player's role is on the team, assess the situation on the fly, and make adjustments as necessary. The adjustment may mean running the ball himself, as he sometimes does to the dismay of the defense.


A QB's mobility is just as important as his intelligence or arm strength. A QB that can move his feet and throw on the fly is a dangerous one. A QB doesn't have to be speedy, but just able to move quickly and effortlessly behind the line of scrimmage. This comes in handy when a QB has inadequate pass protection as well. Adam knows how to move and move well.


Adam has an exceptional arm as well as a great quick release. It's been said that QB's with quick release's are born with that ability while others have to work at it, but will never be great.


A quarterback that is 6'5" and 225 pounds is considered ideal for the NFL. Given Adam's age I think hitting the 225 pound mark is a matter of time, since he's 6'5" and 205 pounds now. 


A QB has to have the sense of where to look, how to scan, look for the open man, read the defenses' secondary all while keeping an eye on what's happening near the line. Adam has great vision on the field and being 6'5" gives him a commanding view of the grid iron.

I was able to check off all the boxes for the attributes I mentioned above as it pertains to Adam. There's been a lot written on Adam in the local papers, including that he's the hottest quarterback in the region, and rightfully so.  For those who love stats, his stats are as follows:

40 completions against 76 attempts (53% completion) for 643 yds. Total passing. Adam has 263 yards rushing on 56 carries for an average of about 5 yds per carry. He has 4 touch downs so far this season.

Adam played basketball, the guard position, with Xavier Thames as a youth. Adam chose football while Xavier "X" Thames chose basketball. How uncanny that both athletes' chose different paths but have both excelled at their chosen sport. Playing basketball must have added to the dexterity that Adam shows on the field. How many QB's do you know that can dunk a basketball? Because Adam can.

Adam has seven schools of interest and is open to others as well. He's interested in Sacramento State, UC Davis, Washington, Fresno State, Arizona, Boise State and San Diego State. If you have room in your program for a talented QB then make sure to give Adam a hard look. He's the kind of QB that the opposing teams' defense hates, but a football fan loves to watch. He keeps the ball moving forward and the fans cheering.    

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