Upon Further Review: Arcadia at Pasadena

With their anchor, and captain Todd Golper back in the lineup, Arcadia used his contributions to rally for a last-minute win over Pasadena and stay unbeaten in Pacific League play. Golden State Preps takes a closer look at Golper...

Pasadena High attempted to get their second win of the season against Arcadia High. Despite having a record of 1-4, they played Arcadia tough and led in the 4th quarter with 5:50 left to play.

The key moment of the game came when Arcadia faced a 4th and 8 on the Pasadena 38 yard line down by three points. UCLA commit Todd Golper was lined up as a tailback and received a pitch in an attempt to sweep to the right for the first down. To everyone's surprise, Golper attempted a pass that netted the Apaches a pass interference call on the defense.

To make things worst for Pasadena, the defense was also called for an unsportsmanlike conduct. This major turn of events led to the game winning touchdown catch by senior wide receiver Ben Rambeau.

Arcadia didn't play their best game. If it wasn't for the efforts of linebacker Todd Golper, Arcadia would not have left with a 31-27 victory. Golper played everywhere and did everything for the Apaches. As a linebacker, he ended up with 19 total tackles, a force fumble, an interception and a block PAT.

As you can see, the stats are very nice but what is more important is when they happened. Golper's interception took place in the red zone in the 1st quarter as Pasadena tried to increase their led to 14-0. Arcadia drove down after the interception and tied the game at 7-7. The force fumble was in Pasadena's territory and one of Arcadia's linemen scoped it up for a touchdown. The block PAT occurred after Pasadena took a 27-24 lead in the fourth quarter.

Golper also played offense. He lined up as a tailback, tight end and fullback. He ended up with five carries for 23 yards and a touchdown. He also had three catches for 24 yards. It's clear that his future is at linebacker and he showed why he is a 4 star recruit.

Even though he reaggravated his broken toe, he was still tracking down runners from behind on screen plays or playing sideline to sideline. He seemed to be in on every play even though he was limited because of his injury.

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