CIF Preview: Pleasant Grove vs. Laguna Creek

Golden State takes a look at the CIF-SacJoaquin semifinal matchup between Elk Grove foes Pleasant Grove and Laguna Creek, who are playing for a berth in the D-I section title game...

Mission Control the Eagle has landed.

  In only its third season as a Varsity football program, the Pleasant Grove (PG) Eagles Football team has made it to the third round of the playoffs by beating a traditional section power – Nevada Union (NU). PG had a 21-3 first half lead. So, it looked like the game was over. The bus loads of NU fans, from the city of Grass Valley, were stunned after half time, that long ride from the hills into the city was for naught. NU was able to rally back to within 3 points in the second half. In the end the victory belonged to PG.

Nevada Union looks on, stunned at the half time score.

Michael Madkins' Interception, with less than two minutes left in the game helped to secure a 21-18 win over NU.

Michael Madkins, PG's premiere player, takes down Nevada Union.

Nevada Union scrambles for yardage, as PG is in hot pursuit.

PG's QB Jalen Saunders  stiff arms a Nevada Union defender.

It's a scramble to see who gets the fumble.

Pleasant Grove's Head Coach Joe Cattolico is deep in thought.

Madkins is congratulated on a spectacularly played game by local media.

  Now the PG faces Laguna Creek High School (LC) for the first ever all Elk Grove Unified School District Division 1 City Championship. PG has already defeated LC during the regular season. LC defeated the Napa High School, the defending champions, by converting 4 turnovers into touchdowns. The final score was 33-13.

Laguna Creek is coming to play knowing they've already lost to PG once before. Something they'll have to put aside to accomplish the Friday Night mission which is to beat PG.

  With LC's last regular season loss to Franklin High School, where Franklin dual threat QB Adam Kennedy put on a show, and their previous loss to PG, LC Football is going to have to work extra hard. PG already knows they can beat them, something LC can't say of PG. 

  The winners will either Merced or St. Mary's of Stockton for the section title on December 13th at the University of the Pacific in Stockton.

Cody Vaz, of St. Mary's of Stockton QB – picture above.

    The Cardinals are robust, seed-eating birds, with strong bills.

  Eagles are birds of prey, raptors, which hunt for food primarily on the wing, using their keen senses, especially vision. Their talons and beaks tend to be relatively large, powerful and adapted for tearing and/or piercing flesh.

  Which would you rather be? 

  Good luck to both Pleasant Grove High School and Laguna Creek High School.


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