GSP Profile: Foothill RB Codey Ellenwood

Palo Cedro Foothill running back Codey Ellenwood is looking to do something no Foothill HS player has ever done: make it to the D-I level as a football player. Golden State takes a look at Ellenwood...

    Codey Ellenwood, the star RB for the Foothill Cougars (Class 2010), is already training hard for next year's football season. He is eager to bring one more championship to his school and to be given the opportunity to play for a Div I school.  Recently, his name was added to the 2010 prospects list, a great step in his quest to materialize the dream of becoming part of a DIV I team.  His name is among players from all across the country, adding to the possibility to start a new tradition. No player from Foothill HS has gone to play for a DIV I team before, therefore the question begs to be asked:  "Will Codey Ellenwood be the one that is going to start a new tradition?"

After I decided that I should do a profile on Ellenwood and submit his name as a potential prospect, I asked to meet with him and his dad.  I was very impressed with him and I have a high regard for the relationship that he and his dad share. Ellenwood is a down to earth kid, mature, a good head on his shoulders and very respectful.  He understands the importance of good grades, family, community and life's priorities.  It is always refreshing to see a gifted athlete, such as Ellenwood, show his humbleness. His passion for the game comes across loud and clear, his desire to learn more about the game, his fearless approach to conditioning, detailed work, and his desire to improve as a player is what drives him.  He started his strength and conditioning training right after this year's season ended. He will get bigger and stronger - this week he reached a height of 5'-11" and still at 225 pounds.  Ellenwood has the drive, heart and mental toughness to go after his dreams and he is not afraid to say it; he would love to play for a DIV I team.  On November 17, 2008, he stated to me  " My goals for my senior year of football start now. I want to get bigger, stronger and faster for my senior year so I can help my team be the best that we can be…My academic goals for my senior year are to stay on track with the Division I College requirements and to work hard to get the best grade point average I can possibly get".  He wants to start a new "tradition"; he is doing his homework and working hard at it.  He knows is not an easy road, but he also know that is possible.

Ellenwood may be the player that may open the doors for many in this area, and it will not be a surprise to the football fans in the area.  He has many weapons: Great leg power, punishes defenders, lateral speed, change of speed, lateral moves, great vision of the field, ball handling (both hands), gains yards after contact, very patient in traffic, effective upper and lower body jukes, he's always willing to block on the open field and broken plays. When he had the ball in his hands he turned a short run into a long run, he sets up winning touchdowns or he scores them himself. He is working hard at improving every single facet of his game, and that is the drive of a champion and a winner. He is a young man that is not afraid to go after his dreams, regardless of the obstacles this journey may bring about. He has a very strong drive to get to he finish line and see his dream become reality.

  Coming from New York, I love to see that kind of a drive and attitude in a young man, the drive to be the best not only on the field of play, but also in his everyday life, being very courageous about his goals and proud of it.  This is the drive that separates the boys from the men, the drive to get to the end zone with three defenders on your back, the drive that makes you want the ball in the most critical situations, the drive to defeat your opponents at their best, the drive to aim at playing for the best teams in the country.  That is the drive and attitude Codey Ellenwood has.

                               So, will Codey Ellenwood start a new tradition?  I cannot see the future, but I can spot talent, I can recognize a winner, I can distinguish a skillful player, I can notice the mentality of a champion and Ellenwood is one. Therefore, the answer is: Codey Ellenwood has what it takes to start the new tradition- He does belong on a DIV I team.

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