GSP Player Profile: DL Mike Arnold

Mike Arnold had a solid career at Pleasant Grove HS in Elk Grove and he's looking to keep his football playing days active. Golden State takes a look at Arnold...

I've watched you play football the past few years and have been impressed. I must say that Pleasant Grove High School 's (PG) success last year had a lot to do with your performance at the line. When you were matched up with Armond Armstead and Larry "Breeze" Bates the line was solid. Now that all of you have graduated and moved on, PG has had to work harder to match the success the three of you had.

Mike Arnold ,left #65,  and Armond Armstead, right#55, survey their opponents at the line.

You've decided to continue your football career by playing for American River College , a Junior College in the Sacramento area. You can definitely play at the next level and it's nice to see you continue those efforts.

Now let's get into the Q and A portion of this interview:

- Tell me a about yourself- Q/A:

1) What memorable moment of your high school football career would you like to share?
One of my most memorable moments was when we were playing Jesuit my senior year. It was all tied up, we were driving the ball down the field with under a minute left in the game. We make it to the thirty and go for the field goal, it was good. That was one of the best feelings I've ever had. 

2) You're one of the smartest football players I've ever met. Not too many know people, let alone football players, who know anything about Calculus. I know it's your goal to become a Civil Engineer. Ultimately playing football at the next level is a means to an end. If you move on to a 4 year college to play football will you continue you continue that course of study?
Absolutely, I have a strong interest in engineering and hope to stay in that general field, I may decide later to change what type of engineering I focus on, either aerospace or civil, but I definitely want to stay in the field.

3) You played Guard and Defensive End at PG, what position will you play at American River College (ARC)?
They recruited me to play Defensive End, but I've been playing nose guard.

4) When's your first game at ARC and who do you play?
We played Solano on September 6 and beat them.

5) You played in the Optimist Bowl, a who's who of football players in the Sacramento area, how was that experience?
It was a very fun game to be a part of, it was a little strange at first being on the same team as a lot of the guys I played against, but when we started coming together as a team we had a lot of fun.

6) How was it playing next to Armond Armstead ?
It was fun playing with Mondo, he is a really talented athlete and was a very beneficial aspect of our team. It was really awesome when coach would run the ball to the left side right behind Mondo and I, we always gave Deonte space to run.

Arnold, #65, is about to punch a hole though Napa' s defense for  Deonte Williams - #20. (Above Photo).

Deonte Williams,#20, capitalizes on the lane opened up by Mike Arnold, #65, who laid down a Napa High School defender during the playoffs.

7) What will you miss the most about high school ?
The environment of the game, when your playing with guys you've grown up with since elementary school and having all of your friends and family in the stands.

8) You played against a bunch of tough teams, what was your favorite football game of the past season ?
That would have to be the Jesuit game. It was so much fun to be in, and was such an intense battle, it was great.

9) What do you look forward to the most playing at ARC ?
I look forward to the level of competition. To see how well I stand up next to the best players from other schools and states, and to improve on my own skills and capabilities.

10) What's your ultimate goal in continuing to play at ARC?
I love the game and want to be able to continue playing it for as long as I can.

11)  A lot of Athlete's say they play for "The Love of the Game" .. What does that mean to you ?
Love of the game is when you make sacrifices to be there, when you give it everything you got, and win or lose you come back the next day ready to play again.

Mike Arnold, #65, lays a Vanden High School defender flat on his back as he and Armond Armstead,#55, clears a lane for Deonte Williams, #20, explosive run.

Mike Arnold worked hard to help make the Pleasant Grove High School football program a success. He's a player that knows what his role is on and off the field. He's definitely a roll model to those players that are coming up behind him at Pleasant Grove High School. He flew under the media radar while at Pleasant Grove High School, but had a huge impact on the field.

Mike has made a name for himself at American River College.  He's a competitor on the field and in the classroom. If you're looking for a well rounded football player to be part of your program then drop Mr. Arnold a line. He's earned his stripes and just needs an opportunity to continue what he does best – play football.

Here's wishing Mr. Arnold the best in his endeavor to play at the next level for a 4 year program.

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