GSP Team Profile: Enterprise Hornets

Saying good-bye to a great player and looking forward to the 2009 season with the remaining top guns at Redding Enterprise High School...

  As any year, high school teams go through the pain of replacing those players that are in the senior class. Especially painful is to replace the ones that are leaders and integral parts of the team. This year the Hornets have to say good-bye to a player that I found to be an extraordinary player, #6 Chase Taylor, Sr. FB/LB 6'2" – 225Lbs, great and powerful LB, same skills as FB.  His leadership on the field has been an example to younger players. Chase is a very talented player and he would be a great addition to any team at the college level.


    Enterprise HS finished its season with a strong performance against the top seeded team and eventually the Eastern League Champion. The Hornets' final performance was a testimony of things to come in the 2009 season. A hard fought game and even though the scoreboard was not favorable to the Hornets, what was displayed on the field of play was evidence of the strength, intensity and talent that the Hornets have and will bring next season. I am looking forward to scout this team next season.


    There are three players that have caught my attention, there as follow: #7 Anthony Williams, Jr. QB/DB – 6'1" – 160Lbs: A very talented QB, he has a strong arm, his release is quick and accurate. He moves quickly behind the line and he shows patient in the pocket. He is a good decision maker when it comes stay in the pocket or run – he has good speed. He has good vision of the field. He is a smart player with great skills. Academically, he is a very impressive player and student with a 3.5 GPA. He is the whole package.


      #28 Bryan Coleman, Jr. RB – 5'11" –182Lbs: He runs the ball well through the middle and he is an effective outside runner. He is a high intensity player that finishes the run very strongly, has good ball security and good speed. He has good hands and he catches the ball effectively. He finished the 2008 season with a total of 1328 yds on 226 carries (5.88 avg) and caught 11 passes for a total of 171 yds  (15.5 avg). The 2009 season will be his third season on the varsity team.


       #10 James Williams, Jr. WR – 6'1" – 155Lbs: He possesses good speed, has great hands and great ability to gain yards after catching the ball. I love his intensity and the way he makes his presence felt on the field of play. He is a very impressive player, and I find #10 to be one of the top receiver in the league. 


    When I met with Athletic Director Mike Worley and Varsity Coach Darren Trueblood, I could see unequivocally their remarkable dedication toward the young men in the team; this is something that I always value deeply. This type of support and dedication helps develop a remarkably powerful attitude that encourages the players to exceed expectations in games and life. This attitude has translated into passion and pride in Hornets Football - A passion for the game and pride that makes these players bestow every ounce of sweat on the field, that makes them accept the pain and keep their intensity on high gear until the final second ticks off from the scoreboard. Enterprise HS, in Redding, CA is where the Hornets show up on Friday Nights to pour out their passion for the game, to show their pride and to strive for superiority.

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