Kennedy Still Available

Elk Grove Franklin quarterback Adam Kennedy has yet to sign but remains positive during the recruiting process...

  National Signing Day has come and gone, and one of my favorite dual threat QB's, Adam Kennedy, is waiting patiently to see what happens in the coming days. While he's definitely a great QB, there's other positions he can easily play. With schools like Cal giving him a hard look, I'm sure there's others out there as well  that can use his talents. I spent a few minutes talking to Adam and asked him the following questions:  

  1.)    Adam I understand that you've been getting some serious looks. I've seen you high lighted on several D1 schools websites. Is the added exposure exciting?

  Yes the exposure is very exciting not only for me, but for my family as well.  A college education has always been my goal ever since I was just a kid, so the opportunity to get my degree while playing the sport I love would be to live my dream.


    2.)    Your ultimate goal is to play QB. You are listed as a Dual threat QB on many prep and College sports media outlets. Because of your versatility what other positions might you consider playing?

  I feel that I would be able to play both WR and strong safety at the collegiate level.


    3.)    I've heard that several D1 schools, including a major PAC 10 school, is scouting you for a multitude of positions from QB to WR.. etc.. If you're recruited for a position other than QB will it be difficult for you to transition?

  I fully believe that it would be an easy transition to either WR or strong safety/Db because of my knowledge of the game. Up until my senior year I was a two way starter playing both QB and safety, so the transition there would come with no problem at all as I have played it my entire life.  As for WR, I believe the experience I would have acquired playing QB would only benefit me at WR. Also, from when I was just a ten year old first year player all the way up to even my freshman season I would be placed at WR whenever we needed a big play because of my ability to go up strong and make a play on the ball. It is for these reasons that I am open to a change of position without any concerns.

    4.)    I've seen you in action on many occasions. It seems that you can make a play, on your own, when all else fails and move those chains. You are definitely a play maker, and again when all else fails, it seemed like you carried the team down the field on shear will power. Your situational awareness is amazing. To be able to read the defense and capitalize on their weakness. What do you attribute those skills to ?  

    I think that ability just comes from being around the game for so many years.  Ever since I was born I have been around football, it is a game that my family and I love.  Being around football from day one allowed me to have a knowledge of the game that most do not have.  After years around the game your football instincts become fine tuned which allowed me to make plays this season without thinking or hesitation. I had absolute confidence that I would be able to make every play, and this confidence spread to my teammates as well, which allowed us to move the ball up and down the field on nearly ever opponent.

  If your program has room for a well rounded player that can step and fill one of your skill positions, than give this young man a call – you will not be disappointed. Just check out his video in his profile.


                 Adam and his father Bill Kennedy after a win.

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