Quarterback Combine 2009 7-on-7 Challenge

The Quarterback Combine put on a slew of 7 on 7 challenges on Sunday. Here is a look at the standouts...

The Quarterback Combine put on a slew of 7 on 7 challenges that was filled with action packed football at its best. Many of the top California High School Quarterbacks and athletes showcased their talents. (Visit: www.quarterbackcombine.com) to view the action that takes place at the combine.

High intensity, high impact game simulation competitions took place last Sunday at West Los Angeles College. Athletes from Notre Dame, Long Beach Poly, Village Christian, Serra, Loyola, Santa Monica, Mira Costa just to name a few participate and train every week for 10 grueling Sundays under the direction of Coach Jio Lucci, Head Quarterbacks Coach.

The theory and purpose of The Quarterback Combine is to get the athlete "Game Ready", to compete at the highest level and to fear their quarterbacks when stepping on to the field of play. Putting the quarterback in constant 7 on 7 challenges made the day very exciting.

Quarterbacks, Josh Moten, Narbonne (committed to University Of Colorado), Dex Lucci, Beverly Hills HS, Paul Lopez, St Paul and Kerrington Jones of West Adams HS displayed excellence in mechanics and skills in throwing to their receivers. The up and coming Quarterbacks of The Quarterback Combine, Lagarde, Serra HS, Jessie Scroggins, Lakewood HS, Evan Hunko (who won MVP at The National Underclassmen Camp in East L.A.) of Mayfair HS and middle school phenom Justin Moore also showed extreme high level talent at the quarterback position. Coach Lucci has been training these QB's for over 2 years now.

The day got a little physical when Coach Greg Townsend, DE (Super Bowl 18 Champions with The Oakland Raiders) who exclusively coaches and trains the offensive and defensive lineman at the QB Combine, brought over his athletes and started to pass rush the quarterbacks. It got physical. Defensive lineman going against offensive lineman it a physical battle of who was the best. Michael Gluck, Center (Beverly Hills HS) showed a lot of promise at the position. The kid is consistent, strong and most of all smart.

All in this day at The Quarterback Combine, there was nothing but action. What I viewed was the finest structure of coaching, game simulations for the athlete and the constant drills and teachings of mechanics, footwork and techniques from Coach Lucci's staff. These coaches do not let up. They pursue the instructions and drills time after time in repetitions until the quarterback or athlete have mastered the technique.

Badger Camp (Las Vegas) Champions from last year, Quarterbacks Moten and Lucci hooked up again to chisel their skills at Quarterback and tear up the barrage of defenses that was put forth against them. The ability to fit the ball in tight windows with total accuracy was uncanny.

"Back to work", Coach Lucci said. The 7 on 7 workout was excellent and the boys got a tremendous amount of experience. Now its back to another type of work, get these athletes and quarterbacks "Game Ready" for the 2009 football season.

Multi Media Sports 100 Productions released 03.01.2009 Quarterback Combine Written by: Jimmy Cox

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