GSP Player Profile: QB Anthony Williams

Redding Enterprise High School quarterback Anthony Williams is a talented player listed in the Class of 2010 Prospects. He is the quarterback to watch in the Shasta County area and Golden State takes a closer look at him...

Anthony Williams, the talented QB for the Enterprise Hornets (Class 2010), is keeping in top shape for next year's football season. During his football off-season, he excels in the basketball court and on the track. He complements basketball and track with weightlifting. Anthony is looking forward to stepping onto the football field one more time as a high school student and helping to bring one more successful season to his school. Recently, his name was added to the 2010 prospects list, a great step in his quest to ensue his dream of becoming a player at the next level. His name is listed among the 2010 prospects from all across the country, being only the second player from the area to be listed as a 2010 prospect in the Network (Codey Ellenwood, RB, was the first).

Anthony is flanked by a great group of players on the field, and the fact that the Enterprise coaching staff has a clear understanding of high school football is refreshing. Keeping the priorities at this level in the right order is what some have forgotten, but not with this high school's football program. Anthony knows that and he is very appreciative of it.

When I had the opportunity to meet him, and his twin brother James (another talented player), I was reminded of how much fun it was to play sports in high school, and how we all strived to be the best through hard work and dedication. Anthony is a down to earth young man, mature, humble, and very respectful with a good understanding that a good academic status goes hand in hand with sports. He understands the importance of good grades, hard work and responsibilities in life. He has passion, respect for the game and a good understanding of it. Anthony started playing football at the age of seven.                               


Anthony has had a successful high school career that started in 2006 with an undefeated season as the QB for the freshman team. In 2007, Anthony was the QB on the JV team and led the Hornets to an impressive 9-1 season. In 2008, Anthony became the starting QB on the varsity team. He threw for 1,090 yards on 70 of 134 passing and 9 touchdown passes. He carried the ball 64 times for 434 yards, with an average of 6.8 yards per carry with 4 rushing touchdowns. He led the Hornets to the semifinals, losing to the champion to be. In the game he threw for 156 yards on 16 attempts and carried the ball for 126 yards on 10 carries, he scored 3 touchdowns (2 passing - 1 rushing). Among others achievements during the 2008 season, Anthony was the recipient of the 2008 Coaches Award for football. He has been the recipient of many awards in basketball and track as well.

He is a smart and talented QB; Anthony has a strong arm with a quick release and accuracy on different type of routes.  He has good moves and he is quick. He is not afraid to take a hit to deliver the ball. He is a tough player. He has patience in the pocket, good under pressure, and he has a good sense when to break the pocket. His scrambling abilities are excellent. He has good vision of the field. Anthony would love to have the opportunity to play for one of the following schools: San Jose State, San Diego State, California, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA or Washington State.

Anthony not only brings his athletic talents to the table, but also his good academic standing, he carries a 3.5 GPA. He is proud of his high achievements in the classroom, as well as his perfect attendance record. Anthony Williams is the whole package and he could be an effective and productive QB at the next level.

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