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Golden State takes a look at one of our profiled players, Michael Madkins from Pleasant Grove HS in Elk Grove and his decision to attend Chadron State...

The Pleasant Grove High School Football program keeps cranking out players that are being recruited to play at the next level. You can attribute some of the programs' success to good coaching, but without talented players the program would be no different then any other. Now, in walks Michael Madkins on to the Pleasant Grove High School (PGHS) football scene. Michael is a multitalented athlete, who also played Varsity Basketball, whose sports cred helped PGHS reach new heights this past season. PGHS reached the SJ-CIF Division 1 finals thanks to the talents of Michael Madkins.

While Mady, as his friends call him, didn't do it alone, it's undeniable what his contributions were on the field. Marvelous Michael Madkins, as his mom likes to call him, had some incredible stats. He rushed for 1,984 yards on 324 carries, for an average of 6 yards per carry. Michael rushed for an average of 139 yards per game and scored 19 touchdowns.

So where is Madkins going? He's chosen to attend Chadron State, a NCAA Division II powerhouse, of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC). Chadron State has won the RMAC Championship three years in a row. Chadron State had a great 2008 season; they had 10 wins and 1 loss. So who is Madkins being called up to replace? Well how about Danny Woodhead, recruited by the New York Jets. The departure of Woodhead left a hole in the Chadron program. How big a hole?

Woodhead won two consecutive Harlon Hill Trophies honoring the best player in Division II, Rushed for 7,962 yards, the most in NCAA history, and gained 9,749 all-purpose yards, second all-time. He Scored in 38 straight games, rushed for over 200 yards in 19 games, is second all-time in scoring with 654 points, and his 109 career TDs is tied for an all-time record. In 2007, he finished with 1,597 rushing yards and 21 TDs and added 38 receptions for 484 yards and two TDs. Woodhead had 2,756 rushing yards in 2006, this is an all-time NCAA record.  

Woodheads' Awards: Associated Press Little All-America team, Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference first team four consecutive years, Daktronics Southwest Region first team, Daktronics NCAA Division II second team, three-time RMAC Offensive Player of the Year and Academic All-American. Nebraska Gatorade Player of the Year, offensive captain of Omaha World-Herald and Lincoln Journal Star all-class, all-state teams, and Huskerland Prep Report Player of the Year for North Platte HS. He was selected by Omaha World-Herald and Lincoln Journal Star as 2003-04 Male HS Athlete of the Year. Rushed for 2,037 yards and scored 31 TDs as senior, rushed for 4,891 yards and scored 76 TDs for career — both Class A state records — and had 6,527 all-purpose yards at North Platte.

WOW !!!!!!

Why mention all of this? Well to show how special Michael Madkins is. Michael will have an opportunity to show his stuff at Chadron State. Michael's PG football schedule was no walk in the park. PG had one of the toughest football schedules in Northern California and did very well. Madkins is similar in stature to Woodhead when he was in high School, so Chadron State choosing Michael is no coincidence – this is success by design. 

Now let's take a look at some of Michael's awards in high school:

- 2007-08   All Delta Valley League

- 2007-08 All Delta Valley Corner (1st Team)

-2007-08 All Delta Valley Defense 1st Team

- 2008-09 All Delta River Defensive 1st Team

-2008-09 All Delta Offensive 1st Team

-2008-09 All City Offensive Running Back

- 2008-09 All Metro 2nd Team Offense

- 2008-09 Sacramento Bee Player of the week

- 2008-09 Roseville's Front Page Player of the week.

Michael attended the Boise State Summer Football Camp where he received MVP of the camp. was there throughout Michael's recruitment process this year. We tried our best to assist Michael during his recruitment journey and feel we have a special connection with this young man. We asked Michael a few questions to help Introduce him to the GSP family and the network. Here is what he had to say.

You're an incredible athlete. I've watched you play on the Grid Iron and the hard wood. Which is your favorite sport?
My favorite sport is football

How has the recruiting process been for you? You definitely have the sports credentials to play at the next level. Was the process a good one for you?
The recruiting process was kind of frustrating because I had such a good season, but I didn't get any looks or any assistance with the recruiting process. My mom helped me stay motivated and we got the job done together.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I want to major in computer programming; I plan to work for Intel if football doesn't work out. I go to church every week to thank God for all the things. He has allowed me to do thus far in my life. Football is my heart and I will do everything it takes to succeed in the next level so that I can take it one step further and play in the NFL.

I've heard many nicknames for you.  What do you want your fans at the next level to call you?
Well my mom likes to call me Marvelous Michael Madkins and many friends call me Mady,  the news sports commentators call me M&M, so it doesn't really matter to me I'll answer to any one of them.

You've been recruited by a Division 2 powerhouse. Your predecessor was recruited by the Jets. How do you feel about following in his footsteps?
Danny was a very good football player and he left a big gap to fill. Pleasant Grove had a big gap also after Deonte (Deonte Williams) left and I filled it very well. I know it may take time to do everything that Danny did but my plans are to just be Michael Madkins and keep do the things that I have been doing to keep my success going. I plan to learn a lot from my coaches and my teammates that will help me fill the gap.

You've got great vision on the field. What do you attribute your success to?
I think that I just have amazing instinct; I don't over think myself if I see something I go for it & God gives me the ability to conquer & accomplish my goals. 

What will you miss the most about high school?
I'll miss my teammates that took me in like a brother, and all my teachers that have helped me a lot in the classroom. Most of all I'm going to miss my mom, sisters, my niece and my dad coming to all my games; I think that will be the hardest part for me, not being able so look into the stands and do our pre-game thing.

What does "For the Love of the Game "mean to you?
I love to play football because it draws me closer to my family. Football has kept me out of the streets, and has kept a level head on my shoulders. Football has shaped my life in many ways God has given me a unique athletic ability & has allowed me to use it for HIS glory & to help make me into the person I am today.

Michael closed by saying:

"Special Thanks to "Herby Lissade" for believing in me & for all of his hard work on my highlight tapes & internet sites, a Special Thanks to my Pastor Tamara Bennett-This Pentecost Fellowship Ministries & to my mentor Minister Antwaun Billoups"

I've interviewed many athletes over the years. I found this interview to be very special. Michael mentioned that some sports commentators call him "M&M". Not a bad metaphor in support of a player that has to have a hard shell on the outside, to play at such a high level on the field, yet has a heart grounded in his faith. We wish Michael Madkins the best of luck as he moves up to the next level.

Michael Madkins - A smart, articulate young man with a passion for life and plays "For the Love of the Game".

Michael Madkins Photo Gallery:

  (Michael's highlight video is available on his profile page, he also has Film on


  Michael doing his thing on the hardwood. PG Basketball made it into the post season for the first time this year.

                   Michael goes up high on defense for the Interception.

Michael contributed on defense as seen here taking down his opponent.

                      Yeh, sometimes you've got to push a defensive linemen out of your way.

                                                Getting ready to do it again.

                                     Sometimes you've got to think on the fly.

                                                Take a step back and survey the field.

                     Cock the arm back and look for another PG standout down field.

      And there is Russell Vonschoech to catch the pass. He ran it in for a touch down.

  I'm sure Michael will eventually grace the front cover of a National Sports magazine, until then here's a little tribute to your past and future success.

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