GSP Tribute: Marty McNeal

Golden State's Herb Lissade pays tribute to longtime SacBee writer Marty McNeal...

What should be considered a huge blow to the NorCal sports scene, the Sacramento Bee Newspaper has let go Martin "Marty" McNeal. This is a crushing blow to Sacramento sports. His column provided us with access and analysis like no other. McNeal was a huge advocate of prep sports in the greater Sacramento area. His "Marty Mac's World" column was a popular staple in the SacBee's sports section. He brought a true to heart perspective in his column, that some didn't like, but most loved.

Newspapers around the country have been hit hard by the slumping economy and their readers looking for free timely content on the internet. While the Sacramento Bee is trying to adjust to the current economic situation which has impacted us all, they should have considered the impact of removing Mr. McNeal from their staff. The community at large considered Mr. McNeal a celebrity.

It's like a major sports team releasing their Franchise player. The main reason one goes to the game, the main reason one buys and supports the paper.  

I will personally miss Mr. McNeal's' news column, but what I will miss the most is his no holds barred approach to sports Journalism. He wasn't afraid to speak his mind. He was an advocate for prep athletes and he was always accessible to them. Just look in the stands and most likely you'd be able to catch a glimpse of him.

Here's hoping he's able to remain in the NorCal area and continue to cover the sports scene, and continue to support the high school players, who play for nothing more then " The Love of the Game"

Good luck Marty – from one of your fans …


Marty McNeal, center of Photo, is seen here at a recent High School basketball game. Mr. McNeal was a fixture at local prep sporting events. He made himself accessible to prep athletes and wrote about them as well.    

McNeal, seen here with back to camera, talks with future Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson during the 2008 CIF State Championships.  A well respected sports writer that conversed not only with elite professional athletes, future political leaders, but also prep athletes as well. He was an approachable Star sports writer that athletes at all levels looked up to.  

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