ALL-STATE FB: Med Schools, Small Schools

One of the best things about the all-state teams is that we don't ignore those from smaller schools. Click here for our 2002 selections for medium schools and small schools plus a special mention list for each.

(Selected according to a format of first team overall, second team overall, first team medium schools, first team small schools, first team overall underclassmen, second team overall underclassmen, first team sophomores)

All-State Medium Schools Offense

WR -- Jeff Gray (North, Torrance) 6-0, 170, Sr.

WR -- Mike McCoy (Colfax) 6-0, 185, Jr.

OL -- Leon Drummer (St. Mary's, Berkeley) 6-4, 285, Sr.

OL -- Robbie Garibay (Foothill, Palo Cedro) 6-6, 300, Sr.

OL -- Robert Oberst (Aptos) 6-5, 305, Sr.

OL -- Cole Popovich (Yosemite, Oakhurst) 6-3, 270, Sr.

OL -- Kevin Weeks (Miramonte, Orinda) 6-6, 275, Sr.

QB -- Richard Kovalcheck (St. Augustine, San Diego) 6-3, 200, Sr.

RB -- Cesar Murillo (Norte Vista, Riverside) 5-10, 180, Sr.

RB -- Chris Vega (Serrano, Phelan) 5-10, 180, Sr.

RB -- Chauncey Washington (South, Torrance) 6-0, 195, Sr.

All-State Medium Schools Defense

DL -- Ben Baker (Lassen, Susanville) 6-2, 205, Sr.

DL -- Steve Dunigan (Manteca) 6-0, 245, Sr.

DL -- Brian Fairbanks (Northwood, Irvine) 6-5, 240, Sr.

DL -- Ryan Granger (La Habra) 6-3, 240, Sr.

DL -- Chris White (Garces, Bakersfield) 6-3, 245, Sr.

LB -- Omar Alvarez (Kaiser, Fontana) 6-1, 220, Sr.

LB -- Mark Van Paris (Sonoma Valley, Sonoma) 6-2, 225, Sr.

LB -- Josh Yarbrough (Oakdale) 6-2, 210, Sr.

DB -- Mickey Pimentel (Marian Catholic, San Diego) 6-1, 190, Sr.

DB -- Desmond Reed (Temple City) 5-9, 180, Sr.

DB -- Devin Stearns (Serra, Gardena) 6-1, 175, Sr.

All-State Medium Schools Specialists/Multi-Purpose

K -- Jordan Congdon (St. Augustine, San Diego) 5-9, 155, Soph.

P -- Andrew Grimes (San Marino) 6-2, 175, Sr.

RB/WR/K -- Brody Angley (Enterprise, Redding) 5-9, 165, Jr.

QB/K -- Matt Engle (El Segundo) 6-0, 175, Sr.

WR/DB -- Phil Ghilarducci (Gunn, Palo Alto) 6-3, 190, Sr.

QB/RB -- J.C. Lewis (Las Lomas, Walnut Creek) 5-11, 180, Sr.

RB/DB -- Marcus McCliman (Kaiser, Fontana) 5-11, 185, Sr.

WR/ATH -- Kyle Sammons (Novato) 5-10, 190, Sr.

Medium Schools Special Mention

(Seniors Only) OL Greg Bellases (S.J. Memorial, Fresno); RB Adam Cook (Garces, Bakersfield); LB Ryan Daniels (South Pasadena); RB Jason Dean (Vanden, Travis AFB); OL Robert Gustavis (North, Torrance); OL Steve Jacson (Kaiser, Fontana); RB-DB Dan Krogstad (El Molino, Forestville); RB-DB Gilbert Martinez (Manteca); LB David Murray (Healdsburg); DL Jason Parker (Mission Bay, San Diego); RB Jake Pettengill (Foothill, Palo Cedro); LB Ralph Pineda (Cathedral, Los Angeles); QB Greg Reynolds (Terra Nova, Pacifica); DB Charlie Schuh (S.J. Memorial, Fresno); WR-DB Chris Stumpf (Arcata); QB Nolan Toftner (Burroughs, Ridgecrest); LB Garrett Tremblay (Palm Desert).

All-State Small Schools Offense

WR -- Layton Matthews (Twentynine Palms) 6-4, 185, Sr.

WR -- Jacob Wild (Immanuel, Reedley) 6-5, 190, Sr.

OL -- Alani Coleman (Carpinteria) 6-4, 225, Sr.

OL -- Kevin Cooper (Clear Lake, Lakeport) 6-5, 260, Sr.

OL -- Wes Garside (Escalon) 6-2, 215, Sr.

OL -- Dale Maas (Cloverdale) 6-5, 270, Sr.

OL -- Shane Raftery (Linfield, Temecula) 6-3, 235, Sr.

QB -- Joel Allen (Christian, El Cajon) 6-2, 180, Sr.

RB -- Pat O'Donnell (St. Patrick, Vallejo) 6-0, 180, Sr.

RB -- Luis Soto (Carpinteria) 5-11, 175, Sr.

RB -- Chase Twedell (Valley Christian, Cerritos) 6-1, 190, Sr.

All-State Small Schools Defense

DL -- Troy Baker (Calaveras, San Andreas) 6-1, 280, Sr.

DL -- Adam Maser (Sutter) 6-1, 225, Sr.

DL -- Kyle McClure (Oaks Christian, Westlake Village) 6-7, 240, Sr.

LB -- Tim Goode (Encina, Sacramento) 6-5, 190, Sr.

LB -- David Harvey (Calif. School for the Deaf, Berkeley) 6-2, 205, Sr.

LB -- Chris Hunsaker (Middletown) 6-0, 220, Sr.

LB -- Justin Martin (Coalinga) 6-1, 185, Sr.

LB -- Dustin Rogers (Corning) 6-0, 200, Sr.

DB -- Brad Bockestein (Valley Christian, Cerritos) 6-3, 190, Sr.

DB -- Mitch Johnson (St. Vincent, Petaluma) 6-0, 195, Jr.

DB -- Justin Khan (Live Oak) 5-10, 180, Sr.

All-State Small Schools Specialists/Multi-Purpose

K -- Sergio Aguayo (San Jacinto) 6-1, 175, Sr.

WR/DB -- Ryan Black (Poly, Pasadena) 6-0, 170, Sr.

RB/DB -- Rudy Burgess (Desert, Edwards) 6-0, 185, Sr.

QB/RB -- Aaron Gonzales (Carpinteria) 6-1, 185, Sr.

WR/KR -- T.J. Fakehinde (Eastside Christian, Fullerton) 6-2, 170, Sr.

QB/LB -- Justin Moye (Central Catholic, Modesto) 6-1, 200, Sr.

RB/LB -- Adam Richter (Oaks Christian, Westlake Village) 6-0, 200, Sr.

QB/RB -- Denny Warden (Brethren Christian, Huntington Beach) 5-11, 180, Jr.

Small Schools Special Mention

(Seniors only)

FB-LB Nathan Adams (Calaveras, San Andreas); RB Kenny Berry (Cloverdale); WR-K James Dingman (Brethren Christian); LB Jonathan Gerhart (Gustine); K Antti Hakala (Escalon); WR Scott Houser (Durham); LB Joel Huber (Denair); QB-DB Brad Killingsworth (Ferndale); RB Jason Napoleon (Desert, Edwards); DB Anthony Parrish (John Swett, Crockett); RB-DE Brandon Resch (Santa Fe Christian, Solana Beach); WR Brian Sagariballa (Kerman); WR Mike Singleton (Christian, El Cajon); RB-LB-K Austin Stack (Bishop Quinn, Redding).


1. A total of 30 players are chosen per team with at least one receiver, at least five offensive linemen, at least two running backs, at least three defensive linemen, three linebackers and three defensive backs with one kicker, a punter and six multi-purpose players to create the most flexibility possible.

2. Players from schools that were considered Div. III for our state football rankings also are considered for medium schools all-state. Players from schools that were Div. IV or Div. V for our state rankings are considered for small schools all-state.

3. When it's deemed no deserving punter can be found, a seventh multi-purpose player is named.

4. Since deserving sophomore linemen are so difficult to find, a 25-player team for sophomores regardless of position is chosen.

5. We realize many outstanding juniors and sophomores have not yet emerged as standouts for a myriad of reasons. Those underclass players who've been chosen need to understand there are just as many players not on these lists who may develop into more outstanding players in the future.

6. Representation of championship teams and representation of each geographic area of the state are considered when selecting players, although getting as close to the best 30 on each team is the primary factor.

7. Newspaper all-star teams are another important aspect of the process, and not every team that was chosen by every newspaper is always available to us. There are times when we go against a newspaper's selection, but only when we have seen the same players involved.

8. High school accomplishment is considered above college recruitment, but there are positions (especially offensive linemen) where college recruitment becomes more of a factor.

9. No certificates or awards are currently presented to any of the all-state players, but if you're from a company that might be interested in becoming a titled sponsor of the all-state teams we'd be glad to arrange to have actual awards handed out. To find out more information about becoming the title sponsor of the all-state football teams as well as our various state team of the year honors, call (209) 463-9050.

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