ALL-STATE FB: Top juniors, top sophs

College recruiting coordinators should pay a special price for these lists. The first statewide look at the Class of 2004 as well as a sneak peak at the Class of 2005. Next year, watch out for the wideouts. It's going to be one of the best groups of pass catchers the state has ever had. Click here for our all-state underclass teams (1st and 2nd teams) as well as all-state sophomores (25 player list).

All-State Underclass First Team Offense

WR -- Ryan Graves (Muir, Pasadena) 5-9, 155, Jr.

WR -- Derrick Jones (Poly, Long Beach) 6-0, 170, Jr.

OL -- Jacob Hucko (Cerritos) 6-8, 265, Jr.

OL -- Norris Malele (Carson) 6-4, 285, Jr.

OL -- Bradis McGriff (Vallejo) 6-6, 303, Jr.

OL -- Brandon Nicolas (Mater Dei, Santa Ana) 6-5, 245, Jr.

OL -- Chilo Rachal (Dominguez, Compton) 6-6, 310, Jr.

QB -- Sean Norton (Hart, Newhall) 6-0, 170, Jr.

RB -- Patrick Gates (Marian Catholic, San Diego) 5-10, 175, Jr.

RB -- Terrell Jackson (Centennial, Corona) 5-9, 185, Jr.

RB -- LeAndre Matthews (East Bakersfield) 5-8, 160, Jr.

All-State Underclass First Team Defense

DL -- Brigham Harwell (Los Altos, Hacienda Heights) 6-2, 245, Jr.

DL -- Thomas Herring (Fremont, Los Angeles) 6-6, 305, Jr.

DL -- Phillip Mbakagu (Hayward) 6-3, 240, Jr.

DL -- Jimmy Miller (Westlake, Westlake Village) 6-5, 240, Jr.

DL -- Shannon Tevaga (La Mirada) 6-3, 285, Jr.

LB -- Jed Collins (Mission Viejo) 6-2, 215, Jr.

LB -- Marlin Simmons (Poly, Long Beach) 6-0, 205, Jr.

LB -- Josh Stephens (West, Bakersfield) 6-1, 215, Jr.

DB -- Randy Estes (Los Alamitos) 6-2, 190, Jr.

DB -- Willie Glasper (De La Salle, Concord) 5-10, 175, Jr.

DB -- Ryan Payton (South Hills, Covina) 5-11, 180, Jr.

All-State Underclass First Team Specialists/Multi-Purpose

K -- Juan Gamboa (Bellarmine, San Jose) 5-8, 150, Jr.

P -- Aaron Perez (Charter Oak, West Covina) 6-0, 165, Jr.

WR/DB -- Michael Bumpus (Culver City) 6-0, 175, Jr.

RB/LB -- Alan Darlin (Laguna Creek, Elk Grove) 6-1, 225, Jr.

WRDB -- Lavelle Hawkins (Edison, Stockton) 6-1, 175, Jr.

WR/KR -- Damon Morton (J.W. North, Riverside) 6-0, 170, Jr.

WR/DB/K -- Joey Munn (Foothill, Pleasanton) 6-3, 205, Jr.

FB/LB -- Will Taufoou (St. Francis, Mountain View) 6-0, 240, Jr.

All-State Underclass Second Team Offense

WR -- Jeremy Childs (Los Alamitos) 6-2, 170, Soph.

WR -- John Taylor (Mt. Whitney, Visalia) 6-1, 180, Jr.

OL -- Kevin Bell (Hart, Newhall) 6-5, 260, Jr.

OL -- Justice Clegg (Lompoc) 6-5, 250, Jr.

OL -- David Felso (Campolindo, Moraga) 6-3, 260, Jr.

OL -- Clarence Tuioti-Mariner (Corona) 6-1, 285, Jr.

OL -- Eric Schlief (Leigh, San Jose) 6-5, 360, Jr.

QB -- Rudy Carpenter (Newbury Park) 6-2, 190, Jr.

RB -- Shawn Benjamin (Watsonville) 5-11, 195, Jr.

RB -- Ryan Kelly (Serra, Gardena) 5-11, 180, Jr.

RB -- Patrick Perry (Banning, Wilmington) 6-0, 180, Jr.

All-State Underclass Second Team Defense

DL -- Chris Mulitalo (Arroyo, San Lorenzo) 6-0, 235, Jr.

DL -- Jeff Schweiger (Valley Christian, San Jose) 6-4, 225, Jr.

DL -- Michael Stuart (Westlake, Westlake Village) 6-4, 215, Jr.

LB -- Setele Faateete (San Leandro) 6-2, 200, Jr.

LB -- Parker Hanks (De La Salle, Concord) 6-0, 205, Jr.

LB -- Luke Laolagi (Birmingham, Lake Balboa) 6-1, 220, Jr.

LB -- Matt Parent (St. Paul, Santa Fe Springs) 6-1, 230, Jr.

DB -- Daniel Drayton (Los Altos, Hacienda Heights) 6-2, 180, Jr.

DB -- Travis Gibbs (Madison, San Diego) 5-10, 175, Jr.

DB -- Jeremy Payton (South Hills, West Covina) 5-11, 180, Jr.

DB -- Rodney Van (Poly, Long Beach) 5-11, 185, Jr.

All-State Underclass Second Team Specialists/Multi-Purpose

K -- Jordan Congdon (St. Augustine, San Diego) 5-9, 155, Soph.

RB/WR/K -- Brody Angley (Enterprise, Redding) 5-9, 165, Jr.

RB/DB -- Jackie Bates (De La Salle, Concord) 5-11, 180, Jr.

RB/DB -- DeShon Benton (Downey, Modesto) 6-1, 190, Jr.

WR/KR -- Anthony Celestine (Burroughs, Ridgecrest) 5-10, 175, Jr.

QB/RB -- Kyle Jacobo (A.B. Miller, Fontana) 6-3, 185, Jr.

QB/RB -- Dion Morton (J.W. North, Riverside) 6-1, 175, Jr.

RB/DB -- Jordan Munde (Peninsula, R.H. Estates) 6-1, 190, Jr.

Underclass Special Mention

(All Juniors)

QB C.J. Bacher (Jesuit, Carmichael); RB Josh Barnett (J.W. North, Riverside); RB Ian Bell (Taft, Woodland Hills); RB Randall Brown (Los Altos, Hacienda Heights); RB Ryen Carew (Sylmar); DB Antoine Cason (Los Alamitos); WR-DB Kevin Ciccone (Hart, Newhall); WR Cameron Colvin (De La Salle, Concord); RB/WR Grayson Gunheim (Analy, Sebastopol); WR James Harris (Oakmont, Roseville); RB Tom Haug (Monte Vista, Danville); DB Terrail Lambert (St. Bonaventure, Ventura); WR Steven LaCarra (California, Whittier); OL Andy Levitre (San Lorenzo Valley, Felton); QB Nick Longshore (Canyon, Canyon Country); LB Wes Mauia (Edison, Stockton); WR Mike McCoy (Colfax); Ryan Mole (Righetti, Santa Maria); OL Paul Muth (St. John Bosco, Bellflower); QB Michael Perri (Charter Oak, Covina); DL Jason Roberts (Central, Fresno); DB DeMarco Sampson (Castle Park, Chula Vista); DB Chet Sanders (Carson); LB Antone Saulsberry (Bellflower); DB Dion Toliver (Poly, Riverside); QB-WR Marty Tadman (Mission Viejo); QB-RB Denny Warden (Brethren Christian, Huntington Beach); RB Brent Webber (Sanger); QB-LB Worrell Williams (Grant, Sacramento).

All-State Sophomores

(no position by position designations)

DL -- Bernard Afutiti (Kaiser, Fontana) 6-2, 215

OL -- Rolando Barragan (Morningside, Inglewood) 6-3, 270

RB -- Kahlil Bell (Montgomery, Santa Rosa) 5-11, 195

LB -- Montay Brown (Skyline, Oakland) 5-11, 225

QB -- Sean Canfield (Carlsbad) 6-1, 175

WR -- Jeremy Childs (Los Alamitos) 6-2, 170

K -- Jordan Congdon (St. Augustine, San Diego) 5-9, 155

QB -- Michael Coleman (Arroyo Valley, San Bernardino) 6-0, 170

QB -- Jason Forcier (Mater Dei, Santa Ana) 6-0, 180

LB -- Prince Hall (Moreno Valley) 6-0, 240

RB/DB -- Cary Harris (Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks) 6-1, 165

OL -- Jacob Hickman (Centennial, Bakersfield) 6-4, 265

DB -- Xavier Hicks (Fullerton) 6-1, 175

OL -- Marvin Jones (Bethel, Vallejo) 6-2, 265

RB -- Francis Okukwu (Stockdale, Bakersfield) 5-8, 180

DL -- Mataele Pauu (Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach) 6-2, 275

LB -- Matt Russi (Monte Vista, Danville) 5-11, 225

RB -- Rylon Thomas (Valencia) 5-8, 165

RB/DB -- Syd Thompson (Grant, Sacramento) 5-11, 175

OL/DL -- Russell Tialavea (Oceanside) 6-2, 250

DL -- Casey Tiumalu (Helix, La Mesa) 5-11, 260

RB -- Aaron Ware (Oaks Christian, Westlake Village) 5-9, 170

RB/DB -- Evan Williams (Vacaville) 5-11, 170

RB -- Antoine Wilson (Serra, San Diego) 5-6, 160

WR/DB -- Ryan Wolfe (Hart, Newhall) 5-11, 165


1. A total of 30 players are chosen per team with at least one receiver, at least five offensive linemen, at least two running backs, at least three defensive linemen, three linebackers and three defensive backs with one kicker, a punter and six multi-purpose players to create the most flexibility possible.

2. Players from schools that were considered Div. III for our state football rankings also are considered for medium schools all-state. Players from schools that were Div. IV or Div. V for our state rankings are considered for small schools all-state.

3. When it's deemed no deserving punter can be found, a seventh multi-purpose player is named.

4. Since deserving sophomore linemen are so difficult to find, a 25-player team for sophomores regardless of position is chosen.

5. We realize many outstanding juniors and sophomores have not yet emerged as standouts for a myriad of reasons. Those underclass players who've been chosen need to understand there are just as many players not on these lists who may develop into more outstanding players in the future.

6. Representation of championship teams and representation of each geographic area of the state are considered when selecting players, although getting as close to the best 30 on each team is the primary factor.

7. Newspaper all-star teams are another important aspect of the process, and not every team that was chosen by every newspaper is always available to us. There are times when we go against a newspaper's selection, but only when we have seen the same players involved.

8. High school accomplishment is considered above college recruitment, but there are positions (especially offensive linemen) where college recruitment becomes more of a factor.

9. No certificates or awards are currently presented to any of the all-state players, but if you're from a company that might be interested in becoming a titled sponsor of the all-state teams we'd be glad to arrange to have actual awards handed out. To find out more information about becoming the title sponsor of the all-state football teams as well as our various state team of the year honors, call (209) 463-9050.

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