Hawthorne Happy With Move

Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne athlete Brian Hawthorne is making the most of his move and is hoping it opens more doors for him in recruiting...

Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne athlete Brian Hawthorne (5-11, 185), made the switch from one City Section program, Carson, to Narbonne, the defending co-champs in the city.

With the move, and the big year expected from the Gauchos, Hawthorne is hoping he's in prime position to see his recruiting take off.

"Things are really picking up now with the transfer," said Hawthorne. "I've gotten a lot more attention. Northern Arizona has been sending a lot of mail and I'm hearing from Arizona State, Fresno State, UNLV, Washington, San Diego State and Idaho."

Hawthorne also has his eyes on the two local schools, hoping things accelerate with them once fall gets going.

"USC, big Byron (Byron Moore Sr.) has told me I made some buzz around SC at their camp. And he also said that UCLA is impressed and wants to watch me some more this year," said Hawthorne.

Hawthorne is close friends with Byron Moore Jr. and Morrell Presley, who are at USC and UCLA respectively. And Hawthorne took the political approach in answering which program he'd rather play for.

"That would be a tough one because both of those guys are my boys," said Hawthorne. "But UCLA would help build a program and I want to be a part of something you can help build. Of course, I'm good friends with Dion Bailey and he's committed to USC, so I'm open to everything."

Hawthorne and Pressley played together at Carson last fall and developed a good relationship.

"I worked with Morrell during the offseason and he's talking about bringing me up (to UCLA) for their two-a-days," said Hawthorne. "I missed their camp but I'm really interested in them."

Hawthorne was out in Tempe earlier this summer.

"We took an unofficial visit to ASU for their camp, but after the camp, Bryan Douglas, Shaq Richardson and Charles Garrett from Dorsey, we all stuck around and checked out the school. The campus was nice, I really liked it. So I've been staying in touch with ASU."

Hawthorne plays on both sides of the ball, and he's open to playing on either side when he gets to college.

"I just want to be ready to compete," said Hawthorne. "More schools are looking at me as an athlete. But I just want to play football."

With the move to Narbonne, Hawthorne is part of a stout Gaucho squad, and secondary, that we'll also feature Sean Parker at safety and Bryan Douglas at cornerback.

"We have a pretty good secondary," said Hawthorne. "They're rotating us right now, I play strong, SP (Parker) plays rover, then we rotate. But we're very good."

Hawthorne camped at ASU and USC as well as the Badger/Scout 7on7 Passing Tournament and the Los Angeles Scout.com Combine.

He's hopeful that the effort he put in this spring and summer, coupled with the move, will open more doors for him.

"I just want to get to college," said Hawthorne. "I'm more the humble type, but when coaches watch me, they will see I can play football."

Academically, Hawthorne said he will be a full qualifier.

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