GSP Profile: Codey Ellenwood

Prospect Codey Ellenwood, the star RB at Foothill High School (Cougars) in Palo Cedro, CA, is already playing at a high level and some Division I schools are watching...

It is the beginning of a new football season and Codey Ellenwood (5-11, 240) is already performing at a very high level. Ellenwood had a great off-season, marked by a terrific baseball season that caught the attention, among others, of one of the scouts in the Kansas City Royals organization. His baseball season accompanied by his intense individual conditioning has brought Ellenwood to his finest level of competition. It is his senior year and he is looking forward to finish his HS football career in a very high note. Ellenwood is also shining on his schoolwork and ready with the D-I requirements to take the next step. Ellenwood's skills have caught the attention of various D-I schools.

Little League Opening Day (with Coach Benitez's team) & visiting the Jr Cougars. Ellenwood is a role model for the kids in the area.

LSU and the Florida Gators (SEC) are evaluating his skills. Kansas University (Big 12) is giving him a hard look. They are showing much interest on this powerful and skillful back. This is not surprising since football recruiter analysts, all the way to the knowledgeable football fans, have praised his skills, understanding of the game and dedication. Herby Lissade my counterpart from down south, California, gave him the name "The Tank" his exact quote was: "As I watched Codey's film one word came to mind, and that's "TANK"".

Soon they'll be saying "Built Ellenwood Tough"...

For the Cougars to have a competitive season the ball needs to be in Ellenwood's hands, the failure to recognize this (again) will put the Cougars where they ended last season - an average team (6-5 overall & 3-4 league). The 2008 record was definitely not due to a lack of talented players, the 2008 Cougars were a group of disciplined, hard working, talented and dedicated players.

If you would like to see his highlight films and read his profile/scout report click on the links below:

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