Dietrich Riley: The Natural

A look at the La Canada St. Francis athlete as he is into his senior season...

Dietrich Riley, aka "the natural", with game that is simply put as natural.

Riley said, "I had a good game ran hard but we are still young had 2 touchdowns but I'm not satisfied with that. This year I am a whole different ball player stronger, faster, and more explosive and put on 20 pounds of muscle."

Focus and game preparation remain Riley's primary concerns; he said, "I take it one week at a time."

Riley is neither easily discouraged with his current recruiting ranking, saying, "I should be top 50 in the nation being ranked low it just gives me more motivation because the opponents are ranked so high but don't deserve it. I don't understand how I am ranked as a safety everywhere when I haven't even played one down at that spot. I should be ranked as an Athlete. I am an under rated player."

Riley currently works out with Chris Zubia, tailoring a work out regime that has clearly raised Riley's overall performance.

Never shying away from contact and in true football spirit Riley said, "I love to hit bigger people because that's makes you stronger" furthermore adding to his interests off the field, "I want to go to a school with a good communication and marketing program. I want to get my degree and graduate from college first and then go to the NFL."

Riley has been nominated for both the Under Armour and U.S Army All-American games.

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