Student Sports and Champion Nutrition Join Forces

Concord, California-January 22nd, 2003-Champion Nutrition and Student Sports Inc. join forces to promote better health and nutrition to young student athletes and their parents concerning the role nutrition plays in an athlete's development, and to provide insight on what role supplementation should play as part of his or her development program.

"We are very excited to join forces with Student Sports Inc, in our efforts to help educate student athletes and parents on safe, effective nutrition," says Paul Klinger, Director of Operations for Champion Nutrition. "As a parent of two teenage athletes, I understand the concerns regarding supplements, but also know how important nutrition is to an athlete's growth. The key is educating an athlete on proper diet and what role nutritional supplements play."

For nearly two decades Champion has been working with Professional and Olympic athletes to help them achieve their performance goals. These elite athletes understand that proper nutrition will make or break them at the level they compete at.

In today's athletic environment, the intense competition and expectations have forced athletes to get bigger, stronger and faster with the need for more energy and endurance then ever before. Although training hard is the key to any athletes success, it is only part of the formula to success, which is why sports supplements have become so popular among athletes at all levels. Skipping breakfast and consuming fast food at lunch has become all too common among teenagers today. For an athlete, this would be devastating to their performance.

One problem has been lack of education on what supplements are safe and effective and what products developing teens should stay away from. This is especially troubling when young, high school students are experimenting with supplements they only heard or read about from people who may not be educated themselves. Professional athletes are often seen on television or magazine ad's endorsing supplement brands as part of their training program. This isn't a bad thing as most professional athletes use products that are generally regarded as safe and legal. It has however opened the door to many over the counter supplements that parents and young people should be aware of.

"We have a tremendous opportunity to educate student-athletes across the country on what is proper and effective nutrition," said Chris Keldorf, Director of Events for Student Sports Inc. "Good nutrition has always been and will continue to be the focal point of every athlete at any level that wants to achieve maximum performance. We feel Champion Nutrition, with their expertise and resources is an excellent way to get started!"

Within th next couple of months, Champion will be publishing a Student-Athlete Guide to Nutrition, a quick start manual to proper nutrition. This guide will walk an athlete through what his or her body needs, what foods to get it from and when and how to use sports supplements. This guide will be available in print form and can be downloaded from the Champion Nutrition website.

For any questions you can call Champion at 1-800-225-4831 or visit our website at click here

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