Stars Align for Taft/Serra

Gardena, Calif. - When Taft traveled to Serra on Friday night, the game featured an unprecedented seven players rated with 4 or 5-Stars. See each of them and more in this presentation by ScoutTV.

Regulation wasn't enough time to settle the score when the Star-Studded Taft and Serra teams hooked up at Serra on Friday night. Serra pulled out a 26-20 overtime win, and the game featured an unprecedented amount of talent on the the field.

A total of seven players in the Class of 2010 and 2011 are members of the Scout 300, earning 4 or 5-Stars next to their name, including three from the Class of 2011 Scout 100.

It wasn't just the guys with the shiny stars next to their names making big plays. There were several players looking to establish themselves as big time prospect in either this class or the next.

ScoutTV* gives you a look at each of them.

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George Farmer (6-2/205) – #3 WR – Serra - 2011
A member of the Scout 100 for the Class of 2011 and a likely candidate to earn 5-Stars. He's the best junior receiver I've seen this year and it's possible that Serra could have the No. 1 receiver two years in a row. Farmer is bigger than Woods and built like a linebacker. He elevates well in traffic and has great concentration and hands. He's a physical runner with the ball in his hands and is a matchup problem for virtually every defensive back in the country with his combination of size, strength, speed, and overall talent.

Jason Gibson (6-3/230) – #19 DE – Serra - 2011
The the second member of the Scout 100 for 2011 in this game. Gibson runs like a linebacker from his defensive end position. He's strong at the point of attack and will only get stronger as he matures. He has a very good change of direction and quick acceleration. 

Lindsey Anderson (6-2/190) – #7 DB/WR – Serra - 2010
Lindsey Anderson is a rangy defensive back that also doubles as a wide receiver. He's instinctive on defense with a great frame that allows him to use his long arms in pass defense and to jam a receiver. He could play receiver on the next level, but he looks more natural on defense to me.

Marqise Lee (6-1/185) – #9 DB – Serra - 2011
Marquise Lee may not have been on the initial Scout 100 for the Class of 2011, but he certainly stood up and made everyone take notice that he thinks he should be. Lee had a pair of interceptions and several plays from one of his safety spots that made me think it had to be Woods that made the play based on the athletic ability it took to make it. Ever have the a Laker or Cav game on in the background and see a ridiculous move out of the corner of your eye and not even have to look to know who made the play? That's how I felt watching Lee, "you mean there's another Kobe at safety back there?" It's not a stretch to think of Lee as a guy that will end up in the Scout 300 for the Class of 2011.

Paul Richardson (6-1/175) – #18 WR – Serra - 2010
Paul Richardson is a member of the Scout 300 and one of the top receivers in the country. I've seen Richardson the last several years at Los Alamitos and thought he looked more explosive this year with the ball in his hands. He takes a short pass and accelerates around the corner faster than I remember him being. More explosion on one of the country's most natural receivers is a good thing for Richardson and whoever gets him.

Robert Woods (6-1/185) – #2 WR/DB – Serra - 2010
Robert Woods is's No. 1 wide receiver in the entire nation. It's not a stretch to think that he could also be a 5-Star caliber safety as well. Woods is a state track champion in the 200 and 400 meters, but he's not a track guy playing football. He's a football player that also runs track. Woods gets as much separation in his routes as anyone I've seen in the country this year. He can run in a dead sprint and break to the post or the corner without losing stride, making it impossible for for a corner to run with him.

Woods is physical on both sides of the ball. He'll take a slant over the middle or make a big hit in run support. His break on the ball from his defensive back position will net him a lot of interceptions throughout his career.

When talking about guys like Woods, I always say... "He's No. 1 for a reason".

Shaquille Richard (5-9/175) – #22 RB – Serra - 2011
Shaquille Richard is another member of the Class of 2011 that shows promise. A running back with a great burst, low center of gravity, and excellent balance, Richard is a tough runner despite not being built like a power back. He's the ideal player to play in Serra's spread offense, because he is so dangerous in space with his speed and cutback ability.

Antwaun Wood (6-0/295) – #65 OT/DT – Taft - 2011
Antwaun Wood - The 3rd member of the Scout 100 for 2011 in this game, playing against a four-wide spread with a speed back in the backfield wasn't the best opportunity for big defensive tackle Antwuan Wood to show off his skill set on defense. When he had the opportunity, he showed very good first step and good use of his hands. He's compact and powerful. A full time starter at offensive tackle as well, Wood had more chances to show off his power and agility while blocking.

Bam Goodall (6-0/180) – #7 QB/DB – Taft - 2010
Bam Goodall is a two-way threat for Taft at quarterback and defensive back. He has a strong arm capable of burning a defense deep if they peek into the backfield to stop his running ability. His experience as a quarterback makes him an asset on defense with his reads and anticipation. Goodall's best position on the next level will likely be on defense.

Brandon Mitchell (6-3/325) – #77 OG – Taft - 2010
Brandon Mitchell is a massive offensive guard for Taft at 6'3/325, but he has the agility of a much smaller offensive lineman. He's a punishing run blocker that drives on every play and finishes his blocks well. Under recruited to this point, Mitchell has size and skill set that matches or exceeds players with much more impressive college offer lists. Looking for a run blocker? Call Taft and ask about #77.

Brent Williams (6-3/205) – #6 DE – Taft - 2010
Brent Williams plays defensive end for Taft but has the agility to be an outside linebacker depending on scheme. A long, rangy end, it's not hard to picture Williams with his hand down on the next level at 260 pounds or roaming at outside linebacker at 235 pounds. The important part when deciding when to offer him a scholarship isn't so much which position, it's that he has a great frame, good speed, and a high motor. The rest will take care of itself.

D.J. Morgan (5-10/175) – #30 RB/DB – Taft - 2010
D.J. Morgan like Robert Woods is a track star, and also like Woods, is committed to USC. The similarities with Woods don't end there as Morgan is a two way star at running back and could be a starter at virtually any program in the country as a corner at some point in his career. Morgan has elite speed, vision and cutback ability. He has a great break on the ball on defense and is instinctive in coverage. Morgan must protect the ball better as a running back, but other than that, he's the total package.

Lucky Radley (5-9/190) – #44 RB/DB – Taft - 2010
Lucky Radley made his debut for Taft on Friday night, and he made it memorable. Radley could play any number of positions on the next level including running back or safety. He's a power back with short strides which enable him to make quick changes in direction as well as keep a good center of gravity. He's a hard hitting strong safety type on defense that is happiest when he can pin his ears back and attack the ball carrier. He has good hands out of the backfield. A solid debut for Taft from Radley.

Shaquille Shelton (5-8/165) – #23 DB/KR – Taft - 2011
Shaquille Shelton is a little undersized at 5-8/165, but he hits like a player well over 200 pounds. Several times he turned around the Serra receivers from his defensive back position. He's a player that might end up being under recruited because of his size, then show up on some All-Conference teams three years down the road. Shelton doubles as a return man for Taft.

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