Bad Comparison

B2G's Ron Allen looks at the comparison of Barkley/Clausen to Lebron/Wade...

Some know him as "The Dream Maker". Many of us have seen him on SportsCenter before. Recently Steve Clarkson was a special guest on ESPNs flagship show again. This time to talk about the intangibles of the two starting QBs for rival squads, Notre Dame and USC. Rightfully so. He trained both of them and did a great job polishing their mechanics and football IQ. If there's anybody who knows both of them inside and out, it's Steve.

He proudly told everybody watching, "Jimmy Clausen is the LeBron James of football...and Matt Barkley is the Dwayne Wade".

Now maybe Jimmy calls out "LeBron" as he slings the deep ball to Golden Tate. Or maybe Matt yells out "D Wade!" right before he snaps the ball. I'm pretty sure that's not what Steve meant though. He boldly compared his manufactured pupils to two of the most electrifying hoopers in the NBA.

No disrespect to Steve, Jimmy, or Matt but that analogy is just plain garbage to me! I'll give them this...they are prototype college QBs but they aren't freak of nature athletes, especially by pro standards. If Jimmy or Matt had the size and athletic ability of Terrell Pryor and actually won the Heisman at least as a sophomore like Tim Tebow or Sam Bradford then the comparison would make more sense. Then again maybe not since LeBron and D Wade were considered by most to be in the top 5 players in the NBA by the end of 2nd year...with a subpar supporting cast.

Jimmy is a 22 year old junior making a strong case for the best player in college football this season. Then again so is the sophomore QB for undefeated Boise St., Kellen Moore. Kellen is the nation's top-rated passer and leads the country in passing TDs with a huge win over Pac-10 leader Oregon. Barkely has a much more talented team than Moore yet USC is on upset watch going into Eugene this weekend. Also, we're still yet to see the Trojan's Golden Boy single handedly win a game like Michigan's freshman QB Tate Forcier did against the Fighting Irish.

I've actually known Steve and Jimmy for a long time and we all have a mutual respect for each other. I've never met Matt but I'm sure he's a good kid like Clausen. Jimmy has been clutch all year but against unranked opponents. The poise Matt has shown on big stages has been rare and impressive but the SC coaches haven't opened up the playbook too much just yet.

I'm just saying...if Steve's comparison is going to someday prove to be accurate, his prized pupils better hurry up. After being a finalist three years straight LeBron won the NBA MVP award at 24. D Wade was the NBA Champion and Finals MVP by that same age.

Ron Allen is a former UCLA defensive back and the co-founder of His company has been "Developing All-Americans since '00" and serves as an independent scout for several BCS teams in the Pac-10 and Big Ten.

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