Fusion Football

Fusion Football offers specialized, in-depth wide receiver, tight end and quarterback instruction, with full off-season programs, two-day clinics and Summer Camps available...


Specialized, in-depth Wide Receiver, Tight End, Quarterback Instruction

Full off-season programs, two-day clinics and Summer Camp available

Private training and evaluation available on request

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Testimonial regarding Fusion:

Chris Thomas and Bob Gagliano have put together a tremendous workshop for high school football players.  I have personally observed the Fusion Football Clinic develop skill position players and prepare them with techniques and skills that go well beyond the high school level.  The Fusion philosophy works to develop the complete player, with instruction on character, integrity, and work ethic.  I have seen average players tutored by Chris and Bob, do great things in high school, and beyond.  The players learn skills that actually give them an advantage over their peers.   As a high school football coach, I appreciate Fusion's dedication to fundamentals and skills.  Chris and Bob work hand in hand with the high school so I don't have to worry about them trying to change our offense.  The players use their skills within our system.   My Fusion players return confident in their skills and their ability to read coverages.  I have been sending my players to Fusion for several years and will continue to do so.  I honestly believe that the life skills and football skills learned with Fusion will last these young men a lifetime.
Tim Lins, Head Coach, Moorpark High School (been to 3 CIF finals in past 4 years)

I started participating in the Fusion Football clinic during my sophomore year of high school.  When I first started, Chris would constantly put pressure on me to catch really challenging passes in order to move to the next drill.  Soon, I was volunteering to be "the guy" to make the hard catch because I was 100% positive that I could and would catch any ball that was thrown to me. When Chris and Bob got me to this point, I knew that I was truly ready to take on and overcome any challenge placed in front of me. Over the next two years, by believing in and applying Chris and Bob's philosophy of creating a "fusion" between mind and body, I was able achieve a level of skill and confidence that allows me to very successfully compete against highly accomplished players at all levels.  Without a doubt, the skills and techniques taught to me by Chris Thomas and Bob Gagliano, have been instrumental in my success as both a high school and PAC-10 tight end.  I have gone up against high school and collegiate All-American linebackers and safeties and even head-to-head with several NFL linebackers and safeties and have been able to beat them all, just by simply applying what I learned at Fusion Football.  Chris' patented "lady killer" and "shock step" moves are signature moves that create so much separation from even the best defensive backs, it's almost like they aren't on the field.  Everything Chris and Bob teach at Fusion Football WORKS and will help you reach your peak athletic abilities!

Chris Coyle: 1st Team All-Tri-Valley League, 1st Team All-Ventura County, 1st Team All-CIF, CalPreps 1st Team All-State, PrepStar 1st Team All-State, U.S. Army All-American, Received a full scholarship to Arizona State University.

The instruction our wide outs and quarterbacks have received through Fusion Football goes beyond the development of excellence in running routes and catching balls.  Chris Thomas and Bob Gagliano incorporate mental toughness and concentration as an integral part of the skill set necessary for superior route running and ball catching.  The kids in my program who have received instruction at a Fusion camp clearly outperform kids who haven't, even if the latter posses greater athletic ability.  Having players coached in Fusion by Chris and Bob raises the level at which our team is able to compete.  We have always had excellent coaches for our receivers, but we have never had the performance from our receivers and quarterbacks that we have had since they started attending the Fusion camps.  As a coach I want the best for our players and I cannot think of a more effective use of our time and resources than that which Fusion Football under Chris and Bob has provided.  I give these guys my highest recommendation possible and am confident your players and their parents will thank you for introducing them to Fusion.
Brad Steward
Head Football Coach
Ventura High School

I have had the privilege of being a part of the Fusion clinic for almost five years now. I have attended football camps all over the country from Pac-10 schools to ACC powerhouses and worked with the nation's best receiver coaches.  From personal experience I can say with 100% certainty that Chris Thomas is offering top-tier collegiate/NFL level teaching of how to play wide receiver.  In my four years of playing college football I have not received coaching that comes anywhere remotely close to the guidance available at the Fusion Clinic.  High school and college players alike will be YEARS ahead of their competition in terms of their understanding of the game should they choose to attend. Chris not only has unprecedented knowledge, but he is an adept coach with the ability to teach even the most complex of pro-level techniques in a simple and refined manner.  I urge anyone who is thinking of enhancing their skills as a wide out to take advantage of what Fusion has to offer because it simply is the best.
Sean Creadick, starting W.R. at D-1AA University

Hi Chris,
It is amazing what you did for Rogelio.  Rogelio Reyes went from a kid, whose confidence only allowed him to catch 50% of the balls thrown to him before Fusion, to an outstanding receiver and our single safety punt returner.
Rogelio was selected 1st Team All Channel league and 2nd Team All County by the VCFCA and was the Ventura High Most Improved Player for 2008. Thanks for all you did for him,
Brad Steward, Head Coach, Ventura High School

Participating in the Fusion Football Clinic has not only made me a better player but it has shown me the hard work and confidence needed to be successful on the field and off it as well.  By working with Chris and Bob my whole mentality about the game changed. I became more of a competitor and found a confidence in myself that changed my outlook on life. Fusion Football is a great way for kids to refine their skills and obtain the state of mind needed to dominate this game.
Keith Williams, W.R., 1st team all-league, 2nd team All-County in H.S.; attending post-graduate academy

It's a true blessing to have met Chris and to have him as a mentor and trainer. Chris has helped me grow leaps and bounds as a player but more importantly, he has helped me mature as a young man. Chris has passed down a tremendous amount of wisdom that has molded me to be the man I am today. He has helped me with my confidence, my work ethic, and the way I carry myself. I don't think I would be where I am today without his help. The way Chris carries himself and the way he gives back to the youth is remarkable. Chris' knowledge of the game is unprecedented and the technique he teaches is phenomenal. I now believe by having worked with him, I can accomplish all my goals and take it to the next level. Thank you for everything.
Joshua Harrison, San Jose State, W.R.

I don't even know where to start; you have made such a huge positive impact, both mental and physical. I have always thought my son had natural talent but I think he lacked the confidence. He seems like a different kid now, he no longer lacks confidence and seems to really visualize and believe he can fulfill his goal of playing college football. He expects more from himself and I think is finally making the connection between mental and physical. I love that you teach them how important their thoughts, visualizing, and staying in the moment is. These important lessons will help them throughout their whole life!!!  I can't thank you enough for everything; it is amazing to watch the transformation.

I know with your guidance you can and already are a big part of getting this man to the next level. I can't thank you enough for all you have been doing for Dylan and all the other young men striving to excel at their current and future level. I talk about your camp to family and friends daily. Leo Gutierrez, Ventura High parent

I'd like to thank you so much for all your time, effort and knowledge in teaching my son in his receiver skills.  I know he still has a long way to go but I can tell that he has improved tremendously.  I can't say enough about how great Fusion has been for him.  The techniques and skills that James has learned from you is unmatched anywhere else. He just started freshman football this week and I can see the high level of confidence that he has in him.

Thanks again for a great first experience with Fusion football.  Nick absolutely loved it and wants to participate as often as possible, including Session II this year and then the whole deal again next year.  Both you and Bob are terrific with the guys.

Chris, I spoke to the dad and his son absolutely loves the clinic!  He said it's probably the best thing he ever did for his son.  He has really noticed a change in his son--more confidence for sure.  His son has never really had much instruction, so the opportunity to work with you is something that he is very excited about.

Chris, It was great being at Fusion again, watching the kids and their football growth. The hard work Jamison has put in with you is really paying off.  Nobody teaches wide receivers like you!  His route running was a cut above all the other players I saw this weekend at the 7 v 7 tournament and that is because of you and your dedication to the boys.

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