There are small schools and then there are small schools like Mesrobian of Pico Rivera and Pacific Christian of Los Angeles. And sometimes when schools like that meet, strange things happen. Like one player scoring 100 points in a single game. Check here for new, updated list of all-time state single-game scoring bests.

Such was the case on Tuesday night at New Revelation Baptist Church in Pasadena when Tigran Grigorian of Mesrobian, a 5-7 senior guard, rang up an even 100 points in his team's 114-47 victory over Pacific Christian.

Grigorian's effort is the new single game state record. He broke the previous mark of 89 set in 1992 by Chad Bickley from Valley Christian of Santa Maria, a similarly small school like Mesrobian. Bickley scored his 89 in a 130-48 win vs. Cuyama Valley.

When Mesrobian athletic director Johnny Nashunian got the call from boys head coach Vikan Karapetian about Grigorian's monster total, his first reaction wasn't joyous.

"I kind of yelled at (Vikan) a little bit," Nashunian said. "But then he told me what happened, that he only had six players and one of them was sick. I guess he could've had a tighter noose on Tigran scoring all those points, but Tigran just kept making shots."

The school received numerous calls from the media the day after the 100-point game was first reported in the Los Angeles Times. The score was initially phoned in by a Pacific Christian representative who said Mesrobian pressed the entire game. Nashunian flatly refuted that statement, saying that Karapetian stopped pressing just after halftime.

"It was one of those things where Tigran's friends wanted to see how many points he could get," said Nashunian, who fielded calls on behalf of the coach and who was not present for the record-breaking feat. "He's been very good all season, too. He had 45 against Stoneridge and they're one of the top two (Div. V) teams in the CIF."

Mesrobian is a school of only 49 students who are in grades 10 to 12. Most are of Armenian descent, but there are a few non-Armenian students. All students at the school receive nearly 90 minutes instruction per day in the Armenian language and culture.

The basketball team normally includes seven players and practices outdoors on the school's only court. Most games are played on the road in small, church gyms like the one Tuesday.

Grigorian averaged 26 points per game last year as a junior and came into this week at nearly 28. He was born in Armenia, but has been in California for some time and, in fact, has been a student at Mesrobian since at least the third grade, Nashunian said.

Pacific Christian, which has won only two games this season, was listed with an enrollment of 65 in the most recent CIF Southern Section directory.

For the state record book, which is compiled exclusively by this site and by this organization, it's never been seriously considered to break down each category into small school and large school designations. It's been more of a policy to include as many details as possible about each record-breaking performance and let the record book readers decide for themselves if they think an effort is legitimate or not.

In the category of most points by an individual in one game for boys basketball, there are now 19 reported totals of 65 points or more and only seven can be considered from larger schools. The best of that bunch is the 82-point total from Winters Patterson of San Francisco Balboa, set in 1995 in a game against Oakland Skyline.

The complete, up-to-the-minute list follows:

Most Points (Game)

100 — Tigran Grigorian, Pico Rivera Mesrobian (114) vs. Los Angeles Pacific Christian (47), Feb. 2003

89 — Chad Bickley, Santa Maria Valley Christian (130) vs. Cuyama Valley (48), Feb. 1992 Jr.

82 — Winters Patterson, S.F. Balboa (128) vs. Oakland Skyline (109), Nov. 1995

79 — Chad Bickley, Santa Maria Valley Christian (118) vs. Sacramento Citadel (70), Dec. 1994

78 — Walter Jackson, S.F. Balboa (128) vs. S.F. O'Connell (63), Jan. 1992

74 — Nick Tenneriello, L.A. Colbert (97) vs. L.A. Brentwood (6), Feb. 1968

73 — Mike Fisher, San Marino Southwest (101) vs. L.A. Pacific Chr. (67), Dec. 1990

72 — Joel Black, S.F. Lick-Wilmerding (101) vs. Petaluma St. Vincent (65), Feb. 1966

70 — Tony Dean, Upland Academy (116) vs. Van Nuys Montclair Prep (7), Feb. 1963

70 — Vince Mannino, San Pedro Lasuen (120) vs. Encino Crespi (31), Feb. 1965*

69 — Don Lyons, Berkeley C.S.D. (82) vs. San Rafael Military Acad. (38), Feb. 1964

69 — Jerry Simon, L.A. Marshall (98) vs. L.A. Belmont (61), Feb. 1986

68 — Doug Dunlap, Eagle Rock (97) vs. L.A. Lincoln (69), Jan. 1967

68 — Tes Whitlock, Anaheim Loara (112) vs. Santa Ana Saddleback (102), Dec. 1990

66 — Bob Weister, Torrance (103) vs. Lawndale (48), Feb. 1961

66 — Bud Fabian, Sherman Oaks Notre Dame (116) vs. L.A. Cathedral (52), Feb. 1969

66 — Bill Cartwright, Elk Grove (94) vs. Sacramento Christian Bros. (43), Feb. 1975

65 — Eliseo Santillano, McFarland (111) vs. Woodlake (81), Feb. 1992

65 — Andre Conners, Whitewater St. John's (113) vs. Zinsmeyer Long Beach (50), Jan. 2001

*Second half postponed for four days due to a leaky roof.

Source: Cal-Hi Sports State Record Book & Almanac. List compiled by Nelson Tennis.

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