B2G Kicks Off Instinct Training

First week is in the books for B2G Instinct Training of 2010...

This week of Instinct Training (IT), the first of 15, was a strong indicator of how competitive and committed the players involved will be in 2010. This group was made aware by the staff early and often that although they maybe friends, they are all battling for the same scholarship. After assessing the talent in each location, Henry Bell, co-founder of B2G Sports, said: "I notice we are attracting players that understand how important it is to polish their football skills regardless of their status or high ranking. Dominating high school football doesn't guarantee success in college." Each location was well represented by players from all age groups, positions and levels of talent. Several parents made mention to the competitive element of the sessions that kept the players more active than what they were used to seeing at any other training program. "B2G made the kids at other camps seem lazy," one parent suggested.

Los Angeles was the location where the speed of the athletes stood out. It was clear that this will be another group of All-Americans and top prospects that will dominate the college camp circuit this spring and summer. As always, the one-on-one's highlighted the day with strong competition between the offense and defense. The edge went with the O as they made a big catch on the last play of the day. As a result of giving up the play, the defense had to give the offense 50 push-ups.

Stud Linebacker, Cody Kurz, from St. Bonaventure HS, along with other up-and-coming prospects, battled hard through highly competitive drills and one-on-one competition at Newbury Park High School. Even the youth division got a chance to demonstrate their hot talent and polish their skills during their own course of intense passing drills.

In the Inland Empire, we immediately noticed the significant amount of B2G veterans who were back to lead the pack. Each player took on the challenge with vigor and recognized their vast improvements even just after one session of Instinct Training. During the one-on-one and lineman pass rush drills, the defense came up with the last stop of the day, sending the O down to give them 50!

Week 2 Session
We expect to see the competition levels elevate and intensify now that these young athletes got a taste of what Instinct Training is all about. All positions received excellent coaching and each location was a huge success. Instinct Training will continue to grow because of the demand for the exceptional style of training offered by B2G Sports. To learn about next weekend?s workouts and how to register, go to www.b2gsports.com.

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