Golden State Great: Maurice Jones-Drew talks with former Concord De La Salle star Maurice Jones Drew...

Current Jacksonville Jaguar and former Concord De La Salle Spartan and UCLA Bruin Maurice Jones-Drew was in Miami competing in his first Pro Bowl and promoting a new series of drinks from Gatorade.

"Yes, it's called the G-Series. It's a three part system of drinks that you can take before, during and after your workouts. It will help athletes train more efficiently and work out at a higher level," said Jones-Drew.

Jones-Drew just completed his 4th year in the pros and was invited to his first Pro Bowl. He finished the night with only five carries for 30 yards but scored his first touchdown as a pro bowler.

"Man, I was excited when I heard the news," said Jones-Drew. "It was really fun playing with guys I consider my friends."

It's no secret this former Bruin had to prove himself ever since he was drafted in 2006. He spent the first three years of his pro career as a backup to future hall of famer Fred Taylor.

"Fred (Taylor) taught me two things. He told me as a professional athlete that you always need to take care of your body. Another thing he always stressed to me is to be careful off the field. I consider him a great friend," said Jones-Drew.

LA football fans are getting excited with the rumors of a professional team moving to LA. Several teams have been discussed but one team seems to be in the lead.

"I think it would be awesome. I know Marcedes (Lewis) and I would love it", said Jones-Drew. "It's a win-win situation. I love Jacksonville but I would love to play in California. I play with a lot of guys who are from the east coast so I don't know if they would like it. I play 3,000 miles away from home but playing with Marcedes (Lewis) has really helped me deal with the distance."

All college football fans know what the first Wednesday in February means to a program. Many 17 and 18 year olds are going through most likely their first big decision of their lives.

"For me, it was the location and the school! UCLA is in LA, great weather and close to the beach," said Jones-Drew. "It's just a beautiful campus! I think it's important that kids pick the school. Look what happens with these coaches, like (Lane) Kiffin. They come and go. I knew I was getting a good education at Ucla too"

Even though he plays in Florida, he always keeps an eye on the Bruins.

"I think Coach (Rick) Neuheisel is doing a good job. It's only his second year. Its not easy building a program," said Jones-Drew. "When I got to UCLA with (Karl) Dorrell, we went 6-6, 6-7 and then 10-2.

Jones-Drew had many performances on the field that made him beloved by Bruin fans. With his record breaking performance in Seattle and the homecoming game against California in 2005, I asked him what moments stood out for him.

"I met so many people at UCLA. I will never forget all the friendships I made with all the students and different athletes," said Jones-Drew. "On the field, that whole 10-2 season was fun. That was a great offense!"

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