2010 Quarterback Combine Update

QB Combine prospects continue the 2010 offseason...

Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010 on a weekend filled with quarterback competitions going on, six Quarterbacks under the tutelage of Coach Jio Lucci and The Quarterback Combine were standouts.

On Saturday Max Heltzer (Harvard Westlake), Kwamie Davis (Reseda HS), Justin Moore (Westlake HS) and Coach Lucci's youngest gunslinger Steven Nava all won their QB Competitions at the highly touted QB Camp done at The Rose Bowl.

They all now advance to Las Vegas for the next stage of the competition.

On Sunday followed the winner of The National Underclassmen competition won by Evan Hunko (Mayfair HS). Hunko is also a direct understudy of Coach Lucci.

In speaking to Coach Lucci he expects all his quarterbacks to perform at anytime, any place against any opponent. That is just what these quarterbacks did, perform at the highest level.

Two highly regarded athletes will also perform at The Badger Tournament in Las Vegas, Jordan Payton (Oaks Christian) and Dylan Lagarde (Los Alamitos) have hooked up to be on the same team. In the last two years the tournament was won by Quarterback Combine QB's.

Also on Sunday, The Quarterback Combine put on a full days schedule of 7 on 7 's with all age groups participating. The Coaching Staff were extremely impressed with the performance of the Quarterbacks and athletes. In the next few weeks The Quarterback Combine will be be challenged by some out of state and intra state teams in 7 on 7. The QB Combine will put their best forward to compete.

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