A Look at SpeedSac

Off-season training tool helps improve athletes...

The off-season tools used for training have become just as important as the off-season regimen that you follow.

There are plenty of products out there that trainers use on athletes to try and get the maximum results.

Then there is one product that has set itself apart from the others as the go to tool to make and create a dynamic change in an athletes explosiveness and their ability to function at a high level for a longer period of time.

The Speedsac/saf-sled has been labeled that difference maker. Used by the likes of "B2GSports", "Crossover Academy" and "Big Picture Athletics". The Speedsac/saf-sled has become the product used to lower 40 times, build strength, and increase stamina.

Ron Allen (co-founder of b2gsports)says "the Speedsac is much better than the parachute...you get what you need right out of the gate not 2 or 3 steps into your stride".

National high school coach of the year Tony Severino says "the Speedsac is their go to tool for off-season and in-season conditioning"

The company (Allsports Conditioning Inc.) that makes the product has a simple philosophy, "Better Equipment, Better Athlete"! Judging from the results of credible training institutions and Coaches who know how to win it sounds like they maybe right. For more info visit "www.speedsac.com"

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