On The Line with Bernard Riley

The former USC Trojan defensive lineman is now heading the DL's for B2G...

B2G Sports is proud to welcome former USC Trojan and NFL player Bernard Riley to its coaching staff. Our question and answer sessions give you, the fan and reader, greater insight into all the elements that make B2G the driving force it has become.

Coach Riley, what were you doing before you became a defensive line coach?
I attended Los Alamitos High School and USC. Professionally, I played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Los Angeles Avengers, and earned a berth in the Arena Bowl with the Columbus Destroyers.

How did you get started in coaching, and why now with B2G?
Initially, I began coaching football because it was a way for me to stay competitive during the off-season of the Arena League.

I coach with B2G now, because it is attracting the best football players in the area and I want to coach the best. Great players deserve great coaches. Size and speed don't make plays. Players make plays - with their mind, effort, and technique; it's what high school "D" linemen are missing, and it's what I offer.

Tell us the difference between you and other defensive line coaches that you've seen.
I don't hold a clip board and I don't own a whistle. I will yell until my voice is gone and race players to the ball carrier in practice. My energy is contagious and if a player wants some they are more than welcome to get some. I have never read an instruction book or watched a movie to show me how to coach. I coach from experience, I coach with my heart. I truly love coaching football. I want to be the best coach in the nation.

I coach to help make the transition easier for our high school football players. I teach the mental and physical techniques needed to get the edge over other players. I coach for scholarships and championships, not just championships.

What have been your most shining moments or most notable accomplishments in 2010 as far as your pupils are concerned?
Lakewood's Todd Barr stands out in my mind. I have coached and mentored him for a few years now and recently he has received offers from The University Florida and The University Miami. Florida schools don't have to go out of Florida for great football players, both schools came to California for one of mine.

What's your inspiration for being a DL coach?
I want to be the best. I want to coach the best. For me, the perfect football game would start with a sack and end with a sack.

Can you give any advice for a young DL who has big dreams of playing college ball?
Go as hard as you can every day, every play. Work when nobody else is working. Get the edge and keep it.

Riley will be running the DL at the B2G Elite Camp July 15-18. For more info log into B2GSports.com.

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