Singletary Beating the Heat

San Francisco 49ers coach part of Gatorade's "Beat the Heat" Campaign....

Several NFL players and coaches are serving as ambassadors in the 2010 Gatorade-NFL "Beat the Heat" campaign.

• "Beat the Heat" is a summer-long educational initiative to raise awareness about heat-related illness among teen athletes, as well as their parents and coaches. NFL players, coaches and even their families are uniting to raise awareness about this important issue.

• "Beat the Heat" aims to encourage athletes, parents and coaches to be able to recognize the risk factors and warning signs of heat illness, and to hydrate and fuel properly before, during and after practices, workouts and games.

• Parents and coaches can download a special Heat Safety Kit - with information and tips for keeping athletes safe – at

• For every download of the Heat Safety Kits, Gatorade will donate $1 (up to $20,000) for charitable organizations that battle heat illness, including the Korey Stringer Institute and the Kendrick Fincher Memorial Foundation.

One of the head coaches that supported this campaign was San Francisco 49er Head Coach Mike Singletary and his wife Kim. For someone like Coach Singletary who has been around the game for many years he definitely understands how important it is to talk about hydration. "We are here to spread the word with Gatorade about the heat and keeping hydrated," says Coach Singletary. "With so many heat related incidents during the summer months it's important that these athletes take care of themselves.

I'm sure many fans who might have played football years ago understand that times have changed. Many years ago coaches would not let players have water breaks. The NCAA has instituted restrictions on practices during fall camp to protect the players. "Our mind set as a staff is to protect the player," Coach Singletary said. "We make sure that players see and spend time with the trainers to make sure they are ok to go. I know coaches in the past would think you were not manly because you wanted water during practice….well not anymore!"

The Mike and Kim Singletary have raised seven children during their marriage. Within any marriage challenges arise, especially being married to a NFL great and current head coach. "Mike is very intense," says Kim Singletary. "He is a wonderful husband and a very passionate father."

Being a NFL player and now a head coach can be tough on a family. With the travel, the demands and expectations, sometimes it can take a toll. "Our faith has helped us with maintaining our family unit," Kim said. "Mike and I preach to our kids to execute our family values and to live by the grace of God."

Mike Singletary was born in Houston, Texas. He was a highly touted recruit out of Worthing High School. Many colleges came calling but he decided to attend Baylor over some other schools that had more tradition. "It was an easy choice for me," says Singletary. "Coach (Grant) Teaff came to my house and met my mom. She loved him and it was a faith based university so I had to go there." Many students experience what Baylor has to offer and that was no different for Coach Singletary. "It was an amazing experience," Coach Singletary said. "I just think of the people, the students and the professors I met there. I also have to include my coach Corky Nelson. All of those people made a tremendous impact on my life," says Coach Singletary.

Now entering his third season as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Mike Singletary continues to strive for that NFC West title. There have been so many off season changes. Seattle has a new coaching staff, Arizona is entering the Matt Leinart era, and St. Louis is well…St. Louis, I'm sure 49er fans are thinking that this is the year. "This is the year for us to take a step forward," Coach Singletary. "We are not concerned with what changes have happen in our division. Our one and only concern is the 49ers."

San Francisco fans have to look at this team and be excited. Over the last couple of drafts they have been able to draft threats on offense at the skill position and they were able to find someone to anchor the defense by drafting Patrick Willis. This year they were able to address needs at the offensive line position and in the secondary. It also looks like the quarterback position has settle into place. As camp starts, you have to think that this is one of the best 49er teams that they have had in many years. "No doubt! I have to thank Mike Nolan because he helped build this team," says Coach Singletary. "My job is to continue that vision."

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