2010 Super State Defense

Here is a look at PrepColorado's 2010 Super State Defense.

Defensive Line

Clay Norgard 6-0 245 Mountain Vista JR

Technically very sound defender, but more importantly he always has his motor running no matter where he lines up.

JaVaughn Johnson 6-2 285 Valor Christian JR

Every time I watched him play he dominated the interior defensive line. For a big kid he shows surprising athleticism.

Ryan Campbell 6-3 265 Cherokee Trail SR

Dominated against the run and could still get after the passer.

Joe Kawulok 6-6 230 Monarch SR

Potentially the state's top pass rusher a key to a very good Monarch defense.

Others Considered: Phil Latimer, Tommy Harris, James Kelly, Casey Walker, Brendan Lopez

Connor Healy 6-0 215 Mullen SR

Potentially the most complete high school linebacker I have seen in some time. Healy is strong against the run, in coverage and as a pass rusher. Great Player!

Eddie Yarbrough 6-4 235 Grandview SR

Yarbrough continues the tradition of very good Grandview backers. This big backer may yet play his best football at the next level.

Leilon Willingham 6-3 230 Mullen SR

Athletically very gifted Willingham can do it all very well.

Others Considered: Brady Daigh, A.J. Isenberg, Kyle Shefferly

Defensive Back
John Tidwell 6-0 175 Rangeview SR

The ultimate ball hawk this season, Tidwell was at the top DB in takeaways.

Ezekiel Bishop 6-0 180 Denver East SR

Great closing speed coupled with explosive tackling make Bishop Colorado's top secondary player.

Sammy Smalldon 6-0 190 Rangeview SR

Even with Tidwell in the defensive backfield, Smalldon was his conferences' defensive player of the year.

Max McCaffery 6-2 180 Valor Christian JR

Improved all season, becoming one of the state's best. He should be a dominate defender next year in and out of the box.

Others Considered: Kevin Parks, Alonso Garcia, Nick Ossello