Sleeper Tackle Awaits Offer

Recruiters scouting Regis prospect Tim Lynott do not have to go far to check out another lineman, as Lynott's teammate, 2015 left tackle Jack Maly, has the skills suited for college ball.

The top prospect in the state of Colorado is 2015 Regis offensive lineman Tim Lynott who holds a dozen offers and anchors a Regis line that is the best in the state of Colorado.  Along with Lynott, three others return including up and coming prospect Jack Maly.  Maly, a former lacrosse player has very good feet and over the past two seasons has gone from a lanky 6-5 220 pounds to a very strong 265 pounds.  Working with a power lifting coach, Maly now benches 345 pounds, squats 450 pounds and deadlifts 500 pounds.  His work in the weight room started to pay off last season as he became a very good run blocker with the ability to reach linebackers and clean up on defensive backs. 

With DI frame, good strength and a great work ethic, Maly is gaining more and more attention.  This weekend, Maly, a lifelong Husker fan, is camping at Nebraska.  Also a very strong student, with a 3.6 GPA and an initial score of 27 on the ACT, Maly is getting Ivy and Patriot League attention.  Earlier this spring Maly toured the Northeast hitting Holy Cross, Yale, Brown and Harvard.  Maly says he has "good relations" with the Ivy coaches he has met with.  Maly is also hearing from Air Force and Army and stated in regard to the Academies he is, "interested in serving a bigger purpose and becoming the leader I can be."  The Wyoming Cowboys, who are hitting Colorado hard, are also interested in Maly and the big tackle looks to camp in Laramie on June 17th

Self-assessing, Maly feels his ability to run block and his versatility are keys to his game.  Maly is confident he can play both tackles and center if necessary.  Areas of focus for Maly are, "staying relentless, getting someone on the ground every play and working on my pass blocking by sinking my hips."

Expect coaches coming to see Tim Lynott to ask Regis Head Coach Mark Nolan about the 6-5 left tackle opposite of Lynott.  Those coaches, with further investigation, will see a player with DI size, great intelligence and surprising athleticism.  At some point, potentially this summer, one of those coaches will make an offer.

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