D.J. Leatimua Getting DI Looks

2015 Fountain-Fort Carson athlete D.J. Leatimua is gaining increasing attention.

To say 2015 Fountain-Fort Carson athlete D.J. Leatimua has an interesting profile is an understatement.  The 6-3 245 pounder is the starting quarterback for his Fountain-Fort Carson On the other side of the ball, Leatimua is a tenacious and physical inside backer, who registered 56 tackles and three passes defended.

Due to his size and athleticism multiple colleges are looking at Leatimua as a linebacker for the next level.  Recently Leatimua augmented that thought process by bringing home the linebacker MVP award at the All-Poly camp held in Utah.  While at the All-Poly camp Leatimua spoke with coaches from Utah, Washington, BYU and Colorado Mesa.  The All-Poly was the first of multiple camps Leatimua looks to attend with Colorado, Houston and Wyoming all on the docket.   

Very aware of the need for speed at the college level, Leatimua is spending much of his offseason working on getting faster.  Beyond his own work, Leatimua, a team first player, says about his Fountain-Fort Carson squad, "We are actually looking real good.  We have a lot of returning varsity players and most of them are state champion track runners." 

Leatimua has yet to gain a first offer but there is little doubt his skill set is intriguing to colleges.  Leatimua is a big, strong kid with good athleticism as evidenced by his play at quarterback.  On the defensive side of the ball he plays with motor and a physical edge.  Although he is working on his speed, Leatimua, at the high school level, has the ability to go sideline to sideline, cover and get after the passer.  In college Leatimua could be a plugger against the run at backer or even add weight and drop down to the defensive line, creating issues for blockers due to his ability to do many things.  Further, his skill set fits nicely in a multi front system.  Leatimua is looking forward to his camps as he shows his game to programs that need a versatile piece for their defensive scheme.     

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