Time for the Big Boys

Columbine High School hosts one of the longest running big man challenges in Colorado.

Around the country, usually in July, the big boys get their chance to shine as Hog competitions take place.  One of the longest standing has been held in Littleton for years and this year was hosted by long time linemen mecca, Columbine High School.

At the event the Cherry Creek team of David Imola, James Parker, Evan Michaels, Bryce Blair and Gryphon Naymon dominated, winning each event.  Highlights for the Creek squad including 33 reps on the bench at 185 pounds by David Imola. Devin Rothrock of Arvada West went for 30 reps on the bench. Horizon’s Elijah Larry, a 2016 DE to watch, won the tire toss at 33’4.

Beyond the individual results of the bench and tire toss and key to the Hog Olympics as well as offensive line play overall, is the emphasis on unit.  The tug of war, tire flip and TNT are all unit events. A strong Creek offensive line is scary, as the Bruins have a bevy of talented skill players, coming back for the 2014 season. 

From a recruiting perspective multiple players that competed deserve a look.  Cheery Creek’s Bryce Blair, 6-5 230, a 2015 prospect, is an athletic tackle that has the frame to get much bigger.  Blair’s 2016 linemate David Imola is a tough run blocker to watch.  Columbine’s Trenton Kusterer at 6-2 280 is a wide body DT who was 2nd Team All-Conference last season.  Arvada West’s Jeremiah Ramos, a mailbox at 6-0 290, is an inside blocker to watch. 

This event is great as it gives players that often garner little attention a chance to shine.  The coaches that put on lineman competitions, not only in Colorado, but around the country, most former linemen, should be applauded.  

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