Lancers Band Together

Lincoln senior looks to lead to team against Colorado's best.

Three months away from the start of high school basketball and the Lancers of Abraham Lincoln are building a bond to help them contend for a top spot in Colorado this season. Lead by senior point guard Michael Sparks, the Lancers have the skill to compete with top competition throughout the state.


Sparks was the leading scorer in Colorado last year averaging 23.7 points per contest. The 5’8 floor general’s greatest assets are his speed and his smooth outside jump shot. He has the ability to score from all parts of the floor, which is why such schools as CU Boulder, University of Denver, Stanford, Portland State, and Wake Forest are showing interest.


Colleges that have been in contact with Sparks want to see him improve his defensive game for the next level. “I need to show that I’m an elite defender. The competition I play here (in Colorado) isn’t what it’s going to be like on the college level. Schools need to see me step it up.” Michael also wants to see himself improve his ability to drive left and finish with a floater as well as extend his range to consistently drain shots from the outside when hands are down.


The Lancers have bred successful talent in the past such as the Brooklyn Net’s Jorge Gutiérrez. Sparks hopes to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor and do something big as a player from Colorado, but for now he is focused on his team’s success this season.


Sparks believes that his team’s success is going to come from the off court camaraderie being built every day. “We all hang out together, go to lunch together, go to volleyball games together, and are creating a bond. Our points will come and our defense will come, but it’s that bond that’s going to help us reach our goals,” he states.


The Lancers have a ton of talent to assist sparks this season. “I’m starting to realize I don’t need to score 30 for us to win. It’s fun sharing the ball,” states Sparks. Sophomore Jameson Washington struggled last year to assist Sparks but is coming back more prepared to relieve some of the pressure, especially when Sparks is double teamed.


“Colorado is ours. If we play together and have that bond, no one can stop us,” Sparks says excitedly. Conquering the DPS league is the Lancers first quest in success this season. The DPS league is open for a team to claim the top spot and if the Lancers can do that, they can also put up a fight against the rest of the skill throughout the state. The Band of Brothers going out into battle is going to be exciting to watch when the season rolls around.


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