Scout’s Take Offense

Six games in, here is a breakdown of Colorado's top performers by position.

With most teams having five to six games under their belt and personally watching multiple games and hours of film, some true positional evaluation can take place. Here is a look at the offensive side of the ball. 


The best throwers I have seen this year are Kyle Winkler and Justin Roberts.  Winkler, who just made a verbal to play baseball at Miami of Ohio, has great pocket presence, can make the throws and checks down very well.  I especially like how Winkler can throw from multiple positions and platforms.  The most telling stat for Winkler and a snapshot of his accurate game in a 72% completion rate. 

Also, I have been impressed with Justin Roberts of Pomona, especially his pocket presence.  The son of a former college quarterback, Roberts moves well in the pocket, works through his passing tree and is athletic enough to beat you with his feet. 

To the loss of football, but gain of basketball, Austin Conway and Elijah Ross are scary threats from their quarterback spot.  Ross, who I watched against Valor, is ridiculously quick and effortlessly gets yards when it looks like none are there. 

Running back

Milo Hall is the best I have seen this year.  The traditional skills of a back; speed, balance and power are all there, but what sets him apart is his ability as a receiver.  Hall is made to be a 3rd down back and is versatile enough to line up in the slot. 
 I hope someone gives Trevonte Tasco of Denver South a shot.  The 5-9 240 pound mailbox is impossible to bring down due to his strength, but most eye catching is his surprising speed and good feet. 

Sophomore Marcus McElroy has size, speed, instincts and is a good receiver out of the backfield.  Very impressive young athlete!


Lutherans’ Josh Clausen is so big at 6-4 he is a match up problem for defenders.  Not a speedster, Clausen does get open and is a hands catcher. 

Joseph Parker of Cherry Creek is slick; quick, a good route runner, a hands catcher and a threat to make a big play, he is the most college ready receiver I have seen.  If he was a little bigger colleges would line up.

Offensive Line

No surprise Regis offensive lineman Tim Lynott, when he decides, pummels people.  In the run game he either pancakes or drives people down the field. 

Beyond Lynott sophomore Jake Moretti of Pomona is the best I have seen this year.  At 6-5 275 pounds he has the prereq size.  More importantly, Moretti has good feet and a super nasty streak.  Not only does he finish, he takes pride in getting all defenders he blocks to the ground.  I love watching Moretti run block.


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